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Kazuya's broken CPU is taking down pro players in Smash Ultimate

Don't mess with the Mishimas.
Kazuya's broken CPU is taking down pro players in Smash Ultimate

The latest Smash Ultimate DLC, and one of the final ones according to series creator Masahiro Sakurai, Tekken's Kazuya Mishima, has been a hit within the Smash community. 

Kazuya, who is most definitely not a Shoto, brings a deeply technical moveset with plenty of offensive tools that in the right hands, can make him potentially one of the best characters in the game, so much so, that even pro players are struggling with Kazuya's CPU.

Early in Smash Ultimate's life back in 2018, the CPUs were notoriously hard to deal with, especially with millions of fans trying to unlock upwards of 60 characters the base game features, to the point they had to be nerfed, and it seems Kazuya's keeping the tradition alive. 

While you're not required to beat Kazuya or any of the DLCs to unlock them after purchasing them, players immediately found out that the Mishima CPU might be a tad overtuned. Take a look at this clip by Panda's  Chris "WaDi" Boston

He was far from the only one to get sauced on by a Kazuya CPU, Tyrell "NAKAT" Coleman got to experience first-hand the wrath of the Tekken character during his latest stream, being comboed off a platform into his death.

How can one beat what's seemingly impossible to beat? You bring another Kazuya CPU into the fray, as YouTube streamer and former pro Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada found out, with the battle being just as epic as any Smash major grand finals.

Why is the Kazuya CPU so OP?

kazuya cpu op
(Picture: Bandai Namco/Nintendo)

While we can't fully confirm this, although it makes a lot of sense considering how historically fighting games have programmed CPUs to abuse mechanics, the Kazuya CPU always does perfect inputs, making troublesome and high-damaging combos easy to pull off.

Now, we're not saying what Kazuya's CPU does is impossible to do yourself, but it'll require time for players, even pros, to get a better understanding of how to mix the dozens of normal and special moves the Mishima features.

Are you able to take on the strongest CPU in Smash Bros history? Hit us up over at @GinxTV on Twitter with a clip!