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Smash Ultimate’s Sakurai says there’s “no plans” for DLC beyond Fighters Pass 2

Masahiro Sakurai has revealed there’s “no plans” for anymore Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC after the second Fighters Pass.
Smash Ultimate’s Sakurai says there’s “no plans” for DLC beyond Fighters Pass 2
  • Masahiro Sakurai says the second Fighter Pass will be the last DLC for Smash Ultimate
  • There's set to be six new fighters released in the second Fighter's Pass
  • He also addresses the future of the franchise

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s second Fighter Pass looks set to be the last DLC for the title, according to recent comments from game director Masahiro Sakurai.  

From his latest column in Famitsu (translated by BlackKite), Sakurai explains how there’s no plans to make any more DLC characters beyond the second Fighter’s Pass.  

It also states once the next set of fighters are released, that’ll likely be the end of his work on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  

The column also explains how it’s Nintendo who chooses which characters are placed into the title, although Sakurai can refuse them if he’s strongly against their proposals.

Byleth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  
Byleth was the latest arrival into Smash Ultimate (Picture: Nintendo) 

He also touches upon the future of the Smash franchise, stating neither him or Nintendo are ruling out another entry in the series down the line – although they’re not thinking about the future at this point.  

The second Fighter’s Pass will feature six new characters instead of five like the first – with past DLC characters including Joker from Persona 5, Hero from Dragon Quest, Banjo Kazooie, Terry Bogard from SNK, and Byleth from Fire Emblem.  

While you can pre-purchase the second Fighter’s Pass now, there’s no word on who or when the first character will arrive (although Crash Bandicoot is heavily rumoured).  

Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are set to compete at Frostbite 2020, which takes place 21-23rd February in Detroit, US.