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Smash Ultimate modders get Ninja to join the roster

We finally get to see the world-renowned Fortnite streamer Ninja in Smash Ultimate thanks to a dedicated modder.
Smash Ultimate modders get Ninja to join the roster

The modding community that rallies behind almost every big Nintendo game is a sight to behold. Naturally, when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hit the shelves, it was a matter of time before fan-created characters would pop up.


Ninja in Smash Ultimate

For years now, speculation regarding a possible Fortnite representative making its way into Smash Ultimate has been present. Makes sense, considering the status of both the Epic game as a cultural phenomenon and the Nintendo platformer as a celebration of all things gaming.

While we're still waiting on an official crossover between both titles, modder CashClay took matters into his own hand and decided to add Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the iconic Fortnite streamer, into Smash Ultimate.



The mod heavily resembles Ninja's Fortnite icon series outfit, is a reskin of Snake, a projectile-based character that fits Ninja to perfection, as CashClay even took the time to add special sound effects to the weapons.



Ninja Smash Ultimate modders
Ninja fans rejoice! (Credit: CashClay)


Ninja himself has been tied to the Smash community in previous years. His infamous tweet from late 2018, in which the 29-year-old promised a surprise to Nintendo fans is still being brought up today.



Was this the thing Ninja was cooking? Is it still in the oven? Perhaps we'll never know.