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Smash Ultimate
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Smash Ultimate player Umeki showcases how broken Peach is while cosplaying as Daisy

The Japanese player showed why Peach is often regarded as the best character in the game while using her Echo Fighter, Princess Daisy.
Balancing a fighting game with almost 90 characters is virtually impossible, and it seems the development team behind Smash Bros Ultimate has decided to go with an "if everyone's broken, no one is" mentality.

Peach, a staple of the Smash games since Melee, has been hailed as the best character in Ultimate, with some putting the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom as a Top 10 fighter at worst.

While originally there were minuscule differences between both Princesses, the dev team has decided to make them practically the same character, with Umeki showcasing her capabilities with a unique twist -- he was also cosplaying as Daisy while doing so.


In a clip shared on his Twitter account, Umeki executed perfectly the famous Peach turnip combos, three stocking a Mario player while playing online. Part of what made the video reach over 200k views is the fact that the Japanese pro did so in a full Daisy attire, crown included.

Umeki smash

What started as an even matchup quickly turned into a Umeki highlight reel, with the Daisy specialist hitting all the right notes that netted him back-to-back zero-to-death stocks.

There's just something about Peach/Daisy mains loving to cosplay their characters, as more famously, Ezra "Samsora" Morris would play at Ultimate Summit 2 sporting a complete Peach cosplay back in 2019.