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MkLeo's worst placement since 2019 as Sparg0 wins Ultimate Summit 4

The 16-year-old beat Moist Esports' Light in grand finals of Ultimate Summit 4 dominantly to take home his first offline major win.
MkLeo's worst placement since 2019 as Sparg0 wins Ultimate Summit 4

Ultimate Summit 4 was a historic event in many ways. Crowning the young 16-year-old prodigy Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez, who won his first offline major on the one hand, but also handing Leonardo "MkLeo" López his worst placement since Get On My Level 2019. 

The former Joker and current Byleth main was eliminated in losers semis by Eric "Esam" Lew at GOML. Since then, the T1 rep placed no worse than 2nd at majors, including wins at Evo 2019, Super Smash Con 2019, Frostbite 2020, Ultimate Summit 2, Smash World Tour, and many more.

A dominant streak that came to an end partially due to his fellow Mexican brethren, Sparg0, as the Tijuana-born sent Leo to the losers bracket of Ultimate Summit 4 with an impressive Game 4 comeback.

Having burnt his jump, Sparg0 caught Leo's edgeguard attempt with a well-timed Cloud side-B, managing to grab the ledge and turning the tide in his favour. After baiting Leo's down-tilts, a nicely spaced Cloud back-air followed up by a forward-air secured the upset.

As Leo would eventually fall to Naoto "ProtoBanham" Tsuji to end his run at 4th, Sparg0 would go on to trump Moist Esports' Paris "Light" Ramirez, a run back from the Super Smash Con Fall Fest grand finals in October. 

sparg0 wins summit 4
Sparg0 vs Light is developing into an intense rivalry in Smash. (Picture: BeyondTheSummit)

While winners finals was a very intense, sweaty, affair, with a game 5 last-stock last-hit scenario, grand finals were the complete opposite. Sparg0 showed the composure and adaptability of a true veteran, securing a dominant (and some would say disappointing from a neutral point of view) victory over Light's Fox. 

With this win in his pocket, Sparg0 earned a huge portion of the $156,791 prize pool, which was almost entirely crowdfunded by the community.

In terms of events, the Mexican has his sights set on Delfino Maza, a 20-player invitational set to be held on 1st April. A few weeks later, Genesis will make its long-awaited return since the last edition in January 2020. 

Smash Ultimate Summit 4 - Final standings

ultimate summit 4
Yes, this is indeed the trophy granted to the winner. (Picture: BeyondTheSummit)

These are the final placements of the 16-player invitational.

  • 1st.- Sparg0
  • 2nd.- Light
  • 3rd.- ProtoBanham
  • 4th.- MkLeo
  • 5th.- Tweek
  • 5th.- Glutonny
  • 7th.- Bassmage
  • 7th.- Elegant
  • 9th.-Dabuz
  • 9th.-Chag
  • 9th.-Maister
  • 9th.-Goblin
  • 13th.-Lavish
  • 13th.-NAKAT
  • 13th.-Tea
  • 13th.-Fatality

Featured image courtesy of BeyondTheSummit.