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Twitch streamer wins $1400 in Smash Bros. bet with her moderator

It seems that Twitch moderators are good for more than just keeping chat spam-free, as Canadian streamer Paisachu wins a huge payday in a Smash Bros. money match.
Twitch streamer wins $1400 in Smash Bros. bet with her moderator

Paisachu, a Twitch variety streamer who plays Pokemon, Fall Guys, Minecraft, and more, jumped at the chance to prove her skills in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when challenged by a member of her moderation team. On a broadcast from August 3, moderator Kanyo challenged the streamer to a best of three money match, with $1000 up for grabs to the winner.

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(Picture: Paisachu)

The Canadian streamer, not certain about risking the full amount, countered with a $700 offer instead. After receiving approval from Kanyo, the players faced off in the newly-improved Smash Bros. online mode.

Match one saw Paisachu dispatch her opponent easily enough, using Fire Emblem’s Chrom to defeat Final Fantasy’s Cloud. Whilst Kanyo was able to take game two, their final match was decided comfortably in Paisachu’s favour, with Kanyo even accidentally falling to his death on the final stock.

“How are you this good?” Kanyo exclaims. “I’ve been playing and practising every day for like two weeks and you haven’t played for months!” 

This claim is substantiated, as Paisachu later states that she most recently played Smash Bros Ultimate in March and hasn’t picked it up since.

After suffering a humiliating defeat, Kanyo proposed a double-or-nothing bet, putting $1400 in the pot. This second set was a lot closer and came down to a nail-biting finish, but again Paisachu defeated Kanyo with the same fighters.

Despite his notable frustration at losing both matches, Kanyo did pay up. In a donation message attached to his $1400 payout, the moderator wrote: “I hate everything.”

The message caused Paisachu to collapse into laughter, holding her face in her hands in shock. It seems that what Kanyo lacks in Smash Bros. skill, he certainly makes up for in honour, as the streamer appeared surprised that anyone would actually pay up after losing such a significant figure.

Whether or not a moderator will ever see fit to challenge Paisachu again, remains to be seen.