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UK player OwlBBs wins Quarantine Series Europe Edition with Ice Climbers

The first European tournament of the The Quarantine Series spotlighted some of the best upcoming competitors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
UK player OwlBBs wins Quarantine Series Europe Edition with Ice Climbers

While many of the biggest names in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s competitive scene reside in the US, the Europe edition of the Quarantine Series gave an opportunity for many upcoming players to take the spotlight. 

The tournament started off with one of its big name competitors also forgetting it was even happening, with William “Glutonny” Belaid from France explaining on Twitter how he got the days mixed up resulting in disqualification. 

It didn’t stop from an impressively diverse final, with UK player OwlBBs demonstrating his skills across multiple characters in a close match-up against Herman “Loading…” Schroer from the Netherlands. 

After previously knocking Loading down to the loser’s bracket in a straight 3-0 win, the grand final match was far closer - starting with OwlBB picking Hero and Loading choosing Roy. 


In the first round, OwlBBs was showing exactly what Hero can do - pulling off spells to increase his size and nailing stun attacks to take an early lead. Cockiness appeared to get the better of him however, with Loading achieving an impressive comeback after going two stocks down. 

The following round saw OwlBBs switch to Palutena where it was a similar story but in reverse. Instead Loading’s Roy fumbled after taking an early lead, with Palutena coming back to equalise after going down a stock. 

Loading goes back to his trusted Mega Man for the third round while OwlBBs switched to Shulk. It was their closest match-up yet, but Shulk’s backslash prowess managed to get the final blow to pull OwlBBs ahead 2-1. 

Ice Climbers Smash Ultimate Owlbbs
OwlBBs showed off his skills with multiple characters (Picture: Nintendo)


After some internet connectivity issues which threatened to derail the final, Loading switched back to Roy while OwlBBs chose Ice Climbers for what came to be the final round. It was a dominating end to the set too, with OwlBBs cleaning out with all three stocks intact. 

OwlBBs took the final 3-1 and wins $450 of the $1,000 total prize pool. 

While playing online always comes with some caveats, it was an incredibly impressive performance from OwlBBs regardless - who dominated with Joker, Banjo Kazooie, Hero, Palutena before the final round with the Ice Climbers.

You can check out the full top eight below. 

1. OwlBBs - UK
2. Herman “Loading…” Schroer - Netherlands
3. Robin “RobinGG” Gronau - Germany
4. Sem “Supahsemmie” J - Netherlands
5. Tarik “Tarik” Fayazi - Germany 
5. Nades - Scotland, UK
7. Bruno “Robo-Luigi” Quatrocchi - Spain
7. Marc “Marc” Brianso - Spain

It's unclear whether there'll be more Europe tournaments in the Quarantine Series this year, but it's definitely provided a whole host of names to keep an eye out for when LAN events return.