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All Sons of the Forest Mutants, Cannibals, and Enemies List

Prepare to face grotesque horrors as we look at all the mutant and cannibal enemies in Sons of the Forest.
All Sons of the Forest Mutants, Cannibals, and Enemies List

Sons of the Forest is the upcoming sequel to the hugely successful title released back in 2014, The Forest. With this new game, comes more horror, more action, and of course, more grotesque and terrifying enemies to take down as you survive on a harsh remote island. 

If you're curious to know which new enemies you'll be facing off against in Sons of the Forest, then we have you covered. Read on below as we list each of the new (and old) Mutants, cannibals, and enemies you'll encounter in Sons of the Forest. 

All Sons of the Forest Mutants, Cannibals, and Enemies List

Similarly to the first game in the franchise, The Forest, this new sequel sees players on a remote island, this time trying to save a missing billionaire, and of course, you aren't alone on this island. New mutants are roaming the area, cannibals are looking for their next meal (spoiler, that's you), and even a new friendly mutant that you can enlist to help you can be found on this new island. 

So let's take a look at each of the new and returning enemies that you'll be facing: 

Virginia (Friendly)

Virginia is one of the first friendly mutants that have appeared in the franchise. She shares the same appearance as the Virginia mutants in the first game, but now she can be befriended, chased away, or even fight alongside you seen in the trailer. 

While Virginia is one of the first mutants who are considered friendly in these games, the rest of the mutants in our round-up below are far from friendly. 

Sons Of The Forest All Mutants Cannibals Enemies Virginia friendly NPC
Virginia marks the first friendly NPC/mutant that players can interact with in the franchise. (Picture: Endnight Games)


The standard enemies in the first game will be coming to the sequel naturally. The Cannibals will be the main type of enemy you encounter and while their default state is that of a naked human with a taste for human flesh, it appears they've been reworked for the new game. 

We will be seeing more intelligent versions of these creatures as Masked Canniblas will be set to appear in the sequel. They will likely be more intelligent and deadly than the usual ones and command a smaller group of Cannibals to attack players strategically. Interestingly, if the player 3D prints a golden cannibal mask for themselves, you can make the masked cannibals docile, and some may even see you as their leader. 


Sons Of The Forest All Mutants Cannibals Enemies Fingers
Fingers are a terrifying enemy that we are curious to see more of. (Picture: Endnight Games)

During the third trailer for the game, were introduced to a new enemy, The Fingers. These monsters are more, well, fingers than anything else. And while we don't know much about how they operate when hunting players, it's likely that they hit hard and wander around the map aimlessly, making them harder to predict, but possibly easier to avoid, we hope. 


The term "Giant" has been used as a placeholder until we get word on what this mutant's official name is. For now, we know that its appendages are huge, as shown in the first trailer of the game after your helicopter is knocked out of the sky, and a giant hand grabs your colleague from the darkness and drags them away. 

For now, we don't know if the enemy's entire body is this large, or if they simply have large hands. Some speculate that it may be the reason that your helicopter crashes during the trailer and have gone on to dub it "The Flinger" or "Catapult". 

John 2.0

Sons Of The Forest All Mutants Cannibals Enemies John 2.0
John 2.0 is an enemy you'd definitely want to avoid if you're alone in a cave due to its fast movement. (Picture: Endnight Games)

Sons of the Forest has its version of John from the first game. This time instead of being a clump of worms, its two cannibals joined from the waist down and walks on all of its legs, making it quite fast and deadly—perhaps not the most complex enemy, but a horrifying one to discover in the dark. 

Mutant Babies

We'll also be seeing the return of the Mutant Babies in Sons of the Forest. While in the first game, they hurled themselves at you with a loud and frightening screech, it appears they may be changed for the sequel. 

We see in the third trailer that the Sluggy (more on that below) picks one up and hurls it at the player, and then lies lifelessly on the ground after being thrown at you. This could mean that they can be killed and thrown at you by other enemies and still have their same mechanics when encountered alone, or they may function entirely differently from what we've seen before. 


Sons Of The Forest All Mutants Cannibals Enemies Sluggy
Not much is known about Sluggy except that it throws mutant babies. (Picture: Endnight Games)

Sluggy, as mentioned before can be seen in the third trailer and very little is known about it so far. We see it throw babies, but not much else, so for now we'll have to wait and see what unique traits this strange creature has. 


The twins are a new enemy type seen in the recent trailers, and similarly to John 2.0, they are also strangely conjoined, only now at the hip. They can move quite quickly and crawl on the floor making them easy to miss, but don't ignore them for too long as they can climb walls and likely trees, which can easily surprise you if you aren't paying attention to them.

For now, those are all the Mutants and cannibals we expect to see in Sons of the Forest. As always, if more are introduced later, you can be sure we'll cover them in detail and update this listing with the latest information.