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Sons of the Forest Roadmap (2024): Future Content Updates

Here's what players can expect from Sons of the Forest in 2024.
Sons of the Forest Roadmap (2024): Future Content Updates

Sons of the Forest is currently in Early Access, with developers still ironing out some of the fine details before the game is ready for a release. However, Sons of the Forest's full release is coming very soon, meaning a plethora of updates, fixes, and more are in store for new and veteran players.

Here's what you need to know about Sons of the Forest's 2024 roadmap, and what features to expect this year.

Sons of the Forest Roadmap Overview For 2024

February 2024 - v1.0 Release & Story Expansion

Sons of the Forest's developers announced on X/Twitter that Sons of the Forest will leave Early Access on 22 February, 2024. The final release comes after several delays last year.

In addition to the announcement of the game's upcoming full release, they also noted that the full game will include Shawn Ashmore voicing Timmy with an expansion on his role in the game and story.

The v1.0 release will also include the following updates:

  • Story updates
  • New features and polish
  • The final ??? findable item
sons of the forest roadmap update
Sons of the Forest has tons of updates slated for 2024. (Picture: EndNight Games)

All Year - Hotfixes & Quality-of-Life Updates

While developers have mainly been focused on the release of Sons of the Forest v1.0, they've kept hotfixes coming consistently since its initial early access launch. It's likely that after the game's full release, we'll get even more regular hotfixes and regular quality-of-life updates to keep the game fresh and playable for fans old and new.

Unfortunately, there isn't much more specific information available about future updates to come for Sons of the Forest beyond the 1.0 update. The game's developers tend to avoid making specific promises about the game's future to avoid disappointing fans. Thankfully, though, it seems that 2024 will be a huge year for the game, and we doubt that will end with the launch of the 1.0 update.