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Beta Testers Share First Look At Sons Of The Forest

Beta testers got their first look at Sons Of The Forest this week, and here is what they had to say about the upcoming game.
Beta Testers Share First Look At Sons Of The Forest

The survival horror game Sons of The Forest is set to release early next year, and very few people have gotten to look at gameplay of the game, much less play it themselves. YouTuber Farket, though, got to play the game earlier this week and had a lot to say about his exciting experience as one of the game's first testers.

Farket, who primarily plays the game's predecessor The Forest on his channel, described the new title in a video uploaded to his page. In the video, he went into detail about changes from the previous game, his feelings about the graphics, and other information. He could not go into extreme detail, due to his non-disclosure agreement, but we still got a great first look at the game.

Let's talk about what Farket said in his YouTube video about Sons of the Forest, as well as what we can expect from the upcoming release.

Testers Describe First Look At Sons Of The Forest

sons of the forest
Farket described Sons of The Foret as a huge improvement upon The Forest, a game he plays very often on his channel. (Picture: Endnight Games)

In a 4-minute video posted to his YouTube channel Farket raved about his experiences playing Sons of The Forest, calling it a huge improvement upon the last release. He described changes to gameplay, graphics, and a brand new building mechanic.

"I think that [Sons Of The Forest] really is an evolution to The Forest," he said. "I can say that every change I've seen was a positive one."

He mentioned that the graphics were incredibly impressive, appearing even more gorgeous than he imagined, and numerous new gameplay features drew him in.

"The game looks so much better than seeing it in video, probably due to video compression," Farket explained further on in the video. "The graphics felt better than watching the previews and stuff."

Notably, Farket mentioned that he believed the game would meet its goal for an early-2023 release date based on what he saw. The game's release date has been delayed two times since its original announcement, but developers say they are confident it will be ready in February 2023.

Farket said he got to play about five hours of the game over the course of two days, meaning he did not get to play it in its entirety.

Check out Farket's full breakdown of his opinions on Sons Of The Forest here: