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Where To Find Firefighter Axe In Sons Of The Forest

The Firefighter Axe is hard to find melee weapon in Sons of the Forest. Therefore, here's a guide to obtaining this weapon.
Where To Find Firefighter Axe In Sons Of The Forest

Being a thrilling and intense survival game, Sons of the Forest puts players in the middle of a mysterious and dangerous forest. One of the most important weapons that survivors should look out for is the Firefighter Axe. It is a powerful weapon that one can use to defend themselves against dangerous animals and cut down trees to gather wood for crafting.

However, finding Firefighter Axe is pretty challenging as it's well hidden in the game by the developers. Therefore, players will need some assistance to find this melee weapon in Sons of the Forest. So without any further ado, this article outlines all the instructions to help find this essential tool.

How To Get Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest

Before moving forward, it is essential to acquire the Shovel first, a tool used to dig the ground. Keep in mind that obtaining the Shovel is not a straightforward process. Therefore, you can check out this dedicated guide to finding it in the game.

You will also need a Rebreather to swim underwater and reach the lower levels of the cave. Both the Rope Gun and the Rebreather are found in separate caves, so it's important to locate those items first before attempting to find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest.

Once you find the Shovel, follow these steps to get Firefighter Axe:

Go to Maintenance Hatch A

Firefighter Axe location in Sons of the Forest
Firefighter Axe location in Sons of the Forest (Picture: MapGenie)

The first step to getting the Firefighter Axe is to go to Maintenance Hatch A, North West of the island. You can find this location marked on your map with a green marker. You'll see a green marker on your in-game map as you approach the hatch.

Dig with your Shovel

Dig the Marked location
Dig the Marked location (Picture: WOWQuests YouTube)

When you arrive at Maintenance Hatch A, take out your Shovel and start digging in the dirt where you'll see the shovel icon. Once you find the hatch, you may need to attempt it two to three times before it opens. Once it opens, climb down the bunker ladder.

Take the Ladder & Find the Firefighter Axe

Finding the Firefighter Axe.
Finding the Firefighter Axe. (Picture: WOWQuests YouTube)

Once you are down, access your inventory and equip the flashlight to illuminate the inside of the bunker. At the end of the corridor, you'll find the Firefighter Axe in a case. Open the case and pick up the axe to add it to your inventory.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Shovel, head to Maintenance Hatch A, and get the Firefighter Axe today.