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How To Craft Flask in Sons of the Forest

Need a regular supply of water in Sons of the Forest? You're going to need the flask.
How To Craft Flask in Sons of the Forest

Being a survival game, you must manage to stay on top of your hunger and thirst levels in Sons of the Forest, but doing so is often easier said than done. It's easy to forget about them and even easier not to take enough items to see you through a long journey. Finding water is no exception. What if you're nowhere near a freshwater source? That's where the flask comes in handy. 

The flask is perhaps one of the most useful and easiest items to find in Sons of the Forest, but many people probably don't know it exists because it's not something you can find in a cave or a tent. No, the flask needs to be made using a 3D printer. This guide detail exactly how to get it. 

How to get a Flask in Sons of the Forest


As mentioned above, to get the flask in Sons of the Forest, you're going to need to locate one of the three 3D printers that can be found in various places around the map. Whilst some of them are locked behind doors that require keycards to open, there is one that is easily accessible right off the bat. You will want to head eastwards on the map, looking for a green marker on your GPS that points to a cave. Once inside, you will easily find the 3D printer, various bits of loot to collect, and the printer resin required to use it. 

All you need to do to make the flask is interact with the laptop on the desk next to the 3D printer; select the flask by pressing 'R' and holding 'E' to start crafting it. This will only require you to use 100ml of printer resin and takes 15 seconds to make.

If you run out of printer resin part way through making the flask, don't worry, you can continue the process when you have found more. 

Now you have the flask, you can equip it from your inventory, and it can be used to store freshwater for when you are thirsty. Simply hold 'E' when next to a lake or river to fill it up. The flask holds up to four 'sips' of water, which should last until you're next to a freshwater source again. 

And there we have it! How to get the flask in Sons of the Forest. It's worth noting that the 3D printer can be used to create many valuable (and fun) items in the game, such as a sled, so make sure you check our other guides to help you along your journey.