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Is Sons Of The Forest Coming To PS4 Or PS5?

Is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best (and most terrifying) survival horror games coming to PS4 or PS5 consoles?
Is Sons Of The Forest Coming To PS4 Or PS5?

The Forest was originally released way back in 2014 as a PC exclusive as part of Steam's Early Access program before releasing on PS4 consoles four years later in 2018. Since then, it has become one of the top survival horror games players can get their hands on, with almost 400,000 reviews on Steam, netting itself a much-deserved 'Overwhelmingly Positive' rating. 

Now, the release of its much-anticipated sequel is just around the corner, and players are again itching to see what it offers. But what about those who experienced the previous release on PS4? Once again, we're asking the question, "is Sons of the Forest coming to PS4 or PS5?" And if so, when?

Is Sons of the Forest Coming To PS4 or PS5?


Sadly, at this moment in time, there are no release plans from Endnight Games to bring Sons of the Forest to PS4 or PS5 consoles. That doesn't mean it won't ever arrive on consoles in the future, though.

In a previous interview with GamingBolt, the developers at Endnight Games stated that they "would love [Sons of the Forest] to come to console in the future, but [we] are currently focused on delivering the best experience possible to PC players." 

So it looks like a PS4 or PS5 launch could happen in the future when the title is deemed fit enough to come out of early access, similarly to its predecessor. We might be in for a long wait though, as that process could take years. Still, there's hope for anyone unwilling or unable to play on PC. 

Sons of the Forest releases on Steam Early Access on 23 February, 2023. Stay tuned for our upcoming guides and best tips & tricks for the game when it releases.