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Squad Roadmap: Updates and Plans for 2023

Here are all Squad updates and plans for the next year:
Squad Roadmap: Updates and Plans for 2023
Offworld Industries

Squad is one the best realistic combat games currently available on the gaming platform, allowing players to experience true and realistic war experiences whilst strategizing towards victory. Whether that be organizing a fleet of Tanks to support ground troops, providing logistical support, or fighting alongside your brothers in battle, Squad provides an authentic taste of real-life warfare, whilst sustaining both casual and competitive outlooks. Whilst the game is already massively enjoyed and constantly being improved, there are several updates and fixes to look out for, especially considering Squad comes from a smaller-sized development team, putting more pressure on the developers due to the popularity of the game.

Due to a small development team and the constantly rising number of players, the game constantly needs updating and the implementation of new content to keep players satisfied. Therefore, we have decided to provide players with a technical roadmap for Squad, giving players to lookout for what's to come in the future! 


Latest News

Just below we'll keep you updated on the latest news regarding Squad's upcoming plans.

27 September 2023 - v6.0 Update Has Been Released

Attention Squaddies! Update v6.0 can now be downloaded and introduces a reworked infantry combat system. Remember to take a look at the Release Notes before you step onto the range!

26 July 2023 - New 5.1 Update Is Out Now.

Attention Squaddies. Squad Update 5.1 can now be downloaded and if you want to know about all the little changes that have been made you can find them on our Release Notes hub.

19 July 2023 - New 5.1 Update Announced For Next Week.

The developers have announced that Squad update 5.1 will be released next week.

This next patch for the game will introduce the Pacific Proving Grounds Map and a whole lot more. For now we don't have any official updated patch notes, but we would imagine those will be forthcoming fairly soon.

Squad Updates Overview

The developers, "Offworld Industries" have released several Road Maps revolving around the future releases of Squad, however, since 2021, Offworld Industries decided to discontinue releasing Road Maps due to "We are bad at deadlines, so no more deadlines." Therefore, Offworld Industries have decided to release update notes slowly without context to their predicted or certain release dates, creating a lot of ambiguity amongst the Squad player base because they're uncertain of the content they're going to receive and when.

Therefore, this Road Map will contain all information we know for certain, alongside predicted items that are reinforced with evidence. Offworld Industries sure know how to make an incredible game, although they don't make it easy to keep us informed of their plans! 

Squad Roadmap Overview

After struggling with meeting deadlines and creating false promises to fans, Squad has remained incredibly cryptic regarding their future updates and current plans. Despite their ambiguity, Offworld Industries never fails to produce excellent results and much-needed implementations, although, they are expected to take a while to implement.

Below, please find a Roadmap of updates expected to release within Squad, despite not knowing an exact date of release, these are the changes and updates we can expect to see this year. 

Squad Roadmap Features

To make things simple, we've broken down all the features we're awaiting into sections just below:

Implementation of new Factions 

Currently, with the broader addition of Peoples Libertarian Army coming in the Sanxian Island update within the next few months, it becomes apparent Offworld Industries are experimenting with the idea of new factions. 

Currently, we have the typical factions:

  • British Forces 
  • American Forces
  • Canadian Forces 
  • Australian Forces 
  • Russian Forces 
  • Chinese Forces 
  • Independent forces (1)
  • Irregular forces (2)

It's being speculated that we could potentially see the implementation of other factions, such as the German, Italian, French, or Scandinavian armies, which would be incredible, especially with the previous and future releases of maps to synergies with relevant forces. 

It doesn't make particularly huge sense why Canadian and Chinese forces battle over Finnish territory in the map Harju. Instead, it would make more sense for Finnish forces to fight Chinese forces, especially considering the Finns have mandatory national service!

Here are a few other contenders that would make great additions:

  • Israel Forces
  • Indian Forces 
  • Turkish Forces 

Another excellent idea: Squad developers could update the terrorist forces to match the real world. The developers could update insurgency forces with modernized equipment alongside the Western withdrawal from these conflict zones, leaving masses of equipment behind, furthermore leaving it to the usage of insurgency forces. 

The developers could additionally add new fun factions such as:

  • Mexican Cartel forces 
  • North Korean Forces 

Whether or not these are possible implementations of Factions due to geopolitics is unknown, however, many players would embrace and enjoy these new changes, allowing for opportunities of new maps and experiences for players. 

New forces can be expected to be seen by the end of the year and the release of Sanxian Island.

Ground Vehicle - Impact Damage and Pedestrian Damage

The developers released notes on potential changes to the functionality behind ground vehicles. Currently, a small picket fence is able to stop a fully functional 12-tonne armored personnel vehicle, which simply shouldn't be the case. 

Killing ground forces by vehicles is also unrealistic, having players flop to the ground as if they've been shot, instead of the realistic yet gruesome GTA vehicle mechanics where the pedestrians fly over the bumper and become airborne, ragdolling them across meters.

The developer's notes state:

Ground vehicle impact damage against pedestrian system update. The goal is to allow ground vehicles to give impact damage upon striking pedestrians. This would be clamped damage when the vehicle collides with a pedestrian beyond a certain velocity, this may be disabled for friendly infantry. This impact damage will be additive to the current impact system where infantry enter a ragdoll state when colliding with a vehicle. 

New forces can be expected to be seen by the end of the year and the release of Sanxian Island.

Helicopter Fast Rope: Update

The official Road Map released by Offworld Industries back in 2020 is still incomplete, with the developers tackling almost every feature they aspired to implement into the game. However, one implementation never reached the game:

Helicopter Fast Rope

The Helicopter Fast Rope enables players to descend quickly from helicopters via a platform attached to a rope. Infantry forces will step onto the rope and descend via helicopter control from the air onto the ground, allowing pilots to pick up and drop off players without having to land.

Fast Rope Opportunities:

  • Evacuate players to saver locations 
  • Drop off logistical supplies
  • Quickly establish fortified objectives in early games
  • Removes finding safe LZ, can drop players off on the uneven ground 

The developers are yet to install this small yet game-changing feature, perhaps coming in the later Sanxian Island update within the next few months. 

Fast rope update and implementation is currently unknown, it's been planned for almost three years, and predicting the release would be difficult, although we're hoping for 2023.

Sanxian Island and Pacific Proving Grounds

Developers' updates and new content 

The developer's blog recently posted an update on the new map coming to the title known as "Sanxian Island" and updated the "Pacific Proving Grounds" training map, both being located on Pacific islands off the coast of China. 

The release of the map Sanxian Island additionally comes with a new faction known as PLA, also known as the "Peoples Libertarian Army." The Peoples' Liberation Army, situated in China is the principal military force of the People's Republic of China and the armed wing of the Chinese Communist Party, furthermore reinforcing the location of China for the two new maps. 

Currently, the implementation of the Peoples Libertarian Army navy has been completed and is available to in-game players when operating on amphibious maps, but we can expect to see the wider implementation of other regiments of the Peoples Libertarian Army group. 

The developers within the Sanxian Island and Pacific Proving Grounds mention:

The following points contain information mentioned by developers within their developer blog, containing current experiences and plans for creating the new maps:

  • Motivation to create "visually stunning" environments - a core goal
  • Optimal performance for players' PC systems 
  • Currently experiencing optimization issues within Sanxian Island development
  • Improving: Lighting, optimizing assets, maximizing graphical limitations
  • Had to reevaluate level design and art workflow due to time limitations 

It's expected we'll see Sanxian Island in the next few months, by the end of September/October.

As seen, Offworld Industries have no problem being open with their player base, mentioning several problems they're currently experiencing within the development of the new map of Sanxian Island. 

Pacific Proving Grounds update:

Pacific Proving Grounds has acted as players' Pacific training grounds and whilst players await the new map of Sanxian Island, the developers have decided to update the training grounds for players to experience and train for the arrival of the new map, these updates include:

  • Additional island spaces 
  • New island scenarios 
  • Trench experiences 
  • Attack/Defend experiences 

This update has already been implemented and is ready for players to experience within the Proving Grounds game mode.