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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Is Not Launching Past EA Launcher For PC Players

Some players are reporting that they cannot launch Star Wars Jedi Survivor on PC.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Is Not Launching Past EA Launcher For PC Players

Star Wars Jedi Survivor was one of the most anticipated games for 2023. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was an overall success, and there were many who enjoyed this title. With the success of Fallen Order, there were many who were excited to try out the new mechanics that were coming out with Survivor.

Although that is the case, it has been a messy launch for Survivor. Although the PS5 launch of Survivor has gone relatively smoothly, the PC launch for this game has been a complete mess. Bugs, glitches, and overall performance issues plagued the PC version of this game. Now, players are even struggling to launch Survivor at all on PC.

Players Cannot Launch Star Wars Jedi Survivor On PC

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Launching
So far, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has been struggling to run on PC. (Picture: Respawn)

When Star Wars Jedi Survivor launched, there were many framerate issues, and the game ran pretty slow. For one reason or another, the PC port of the game has been struggling to run even for those with high-end PCs. With a couple of updates, the game has run better on PC, but there are still troubles for PC Survivor players.

A Steam Forum has popped up for Survivor and there are many claiming that they cannot run Survivor at all. Players claim that once the EA Launcher starts, nothing happens. There are many different solutions in the forum but with varying results. It seems, at the moment, there is no universal fix for this problem.

When Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor Be Fixed For PC?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC Not Launching
PC Survivor owners are hoping that Respawn will soon help with a patch that fixes the PC issues. (Picture: Respawn)

With that being said, it looks like players will have to find out their own individual solutions for launching Survivor on PC. It could be a simple fix as reinstalling the game, or as complex as messing with the game files. Either way, it is frustrating for PC players to have to go through hoops to play this game.

But for now, it is unknown when Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be completely fixed for PC. EA and Respawn are likely working on a solution and another patch, but it is not clear if the next patch will make things better or worse. For now, players might have to wait until a better patch come out to play Survivor with no issues.