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Star Wars: Squadrons gets ranked mode improvements ahead of next update

The Fleet Battles mode needed the most work since the game's launch in October and through a series of updates has steadily been improving.
Star Wars: Squadrons gets ranked mode improvements ahead of next update

It would be unfair to say that Star Wars: Squadrons has had rocky post-launch, perhaps the most damning criticism you could levy at the developers was that they stuck to their word, intent not to have the game as a live service with the need that brings to continually pump content out.

Star Wars Squadrons mmr problems
(Picture: Motive Studios)

There was also very valid criticism of the games ranked mode - Fleet Battles - enjoyable, rich and rewarding on the surface, it also had matchmaking issues, broken gameplay loops, and bugs that could make it a frustrating experience for all levels.

Improvements have come, and contrary to the idea that permeated that there would be no post-launch content, the developers have been slowly improving the experience and later this month two new starships are expected to be introduced to the game.

Star wars squadrons ranked broken mmr v4.0
The B-Wing and Tie Defender will be the game's first new starfighters since launch. (Picture: Motive Studios)

One part of the experience has still had its issues is the game's MMR system, however, change may be afoot as the developers revealed they had made server-side improvements that should improve it massively.

"Yesterday, we made a couple more server-side improvements we wanted to let you know about," explained the Star Wars: Squadrons community manager in a post on the Squadrons Reddit.

The changes include:

  • Improved matchmaking scheme to prioritize similar skill compositions on opposing teams over other factors
  • Adjustments to the penalty system to reduce the number of completed matches required to go back to good standing

Both stated changes should mean that you are more likely to be matched up and against the appropriate skill level.

As they were rolling out the update the developers also further elaborated on how the ranked/MMR works revealing that not only does your MMR take into account more than just your win/loss rate, it also is not the only factor used when matchmaking though with this update it has been given more weight.

The developers also noted that players should see a difference in the amount of Operation Rank they receive or loss but stressed that this ranking isn't used for matchmaking.

"You may notice the amount of SR you gain/lose from playing ranked matches is different from (and hopefully better than) before," wrote Squadron's Creative Director Ian S. Frazier under his alias tibermoon.

Star Wars: Squadrons continues to improve and it is refreshing to see an EA publisher game, a Star Wars one at that, be nourished and developed in the way it should.

May the invisible force(s) not crush them.