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Starfield Release Time Countdown

Starfield is going to officially release soon and we have the countdown for that happening here.
Starfield Release Time Countdown

When Starfield was first announced, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the game. Players were ready to take on the next Bethesda RPG. The thought of a game that is similar to Skyrim taking place in space was very exciting for a lot of players. Using jetpacks and other pieces of advanced equipment has captured the curiosity of fans.

The wait for Starfield is just about over. Although Starfield is currently being played by thousands of players thanks to the early access, the actual game itself has not officially been released to the public. So then, when is Starfield going to launch? Here, we have an official countdown for the release of Starfield.

Countdown For Starfield Release Time

Starfield Release Date
Starfield is about to fully launch very soon. (Picture: Bethesda)

It has been a long time coming, but Starfield is finally about to fully launch to the public. There are a lot of different players who got the special edition of the game, so they can play Starfield a bit earlier than everyone else. Now, we are about to have the official release of the game. Here is the countdown for the time left when Starfield is going to be released:

Starfield Release Time
1 days, 09:09:38

Starfield will officially be released on September 6th. According to the developers, it looks like Starfield will launch at the same time worldwide. So there are going to be some areas where the game will launch on September 5th. For example, The United States will see Starfield launch on September 5th, starting at 7 pm EST, while London will get a 1 am release on September 6th.

Will Starfield Launch On PlayStation 5?

Starfield Release Timer
Players should not wait for Starfield to come out on the PlayStation 5. (Picture: Bethesda)

So far, Starfield is set to launch for current-generation Xbox Consoles and for PC. At the time of this writing, there is no confirmation that Starfield is coming to PlayStation 5. Starfield has been advertised as a Microsoft exclusive, which includes Xbox and PC. There has been no mention of a release for PlayStation 5.

But what about the future? Will Starfield ever come to the PS5? That is unlikely. Xbox has recently acquired Bethesda as its own studio, which makes it very unlikely that Starfield will make its way to PlayStation consoles. People who want to play Starfield will have to do so on a PC or do so using an Xbox console.