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Summit loses Monster sponsorship 'over marijuana bong on livestream'

Summit1G's sponsorship deal with Monster has come to an end, with speculation indicating it may have been over a bong which was shown on his livestream.
Summit loses Monster sponsorship 'over marijuana bong on livestream'

Summit1G, a highly popular Twitch streamer, lost his long-lasting Monster sponsorship deal this weekend, which many believe may have been due to him accidentally showing a bong while streaming.

Summit was playing Valorant, and at one point he reached out to take something strongly resembling bong for marijuana smoking (which he joked later it was his mom's vase). Forgetting to turn off the camera, he's seen turning around, before seemingly noticing the camera and switching it off to presumably use the bong.

People quickly noticed the lack of Monster logos on the stream and asked him what is happening, which he vaguely explained soon after.

"As of right now me and Monster are not partnered," Summit said on the stream. He said that it is "perfectly normal" to lose sponsors here and there in this part of his career, and it is nothing to freak out about.

He suggested that he'll soon start searching for new sponsors. At the time of writing, Monster hasn't come out with an official statement about the situation.

Asmongold, a fellow streamer, joked that Summit should make a contest with two people playing games, one while smoking weed nonstop, and other drinking Monster, to see who will die first, because he thinks it is a complete overreaction from Monster to do what they did.

Summit1g, which real name is Jaryd Lazar, has been streaming since 2012 and regularly garners approximately 30,000 viewers.

Lazar's viewership peaked at 310,000 when he streamed Valorant closed beta earlier this month. He has over five million followers and more than 81,000 subscribers.