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Summit1g brands Anomaly "scummy" as he takes aim at legal view botting

The former CS:GO pro says he doesn't want to see people succeed on Twitch with "fraudulent" practises.
Summit1g brands Anomaly "scummy" as he takes aim at legal view botting

Valorant has had one of the biggest game launches ever, especially if you count that in Twitch viewership, which has surpassed one million concurrent viewers.

A feat no doubt helped by the fact that to gain access to the closed beta you need to watch Valorant Twitch streams.

Naturally, as more gamers have got their hands on a key and have started playing the game for themselves overall Twitch viewership has fallen.

However, that hasn't been the case for some streamers, who have used tactics that have come in for criticism, such as reruns and 24/7 streams to keep the numbers up, a practice that Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar describes as "legal view botting"

During his steam on 20th April, a viewer said that 24/7 streams were annoying - with many of the viewers simply there for keys.

It was clearly an issue that irked Summit1g as well, as he flew into a mini-rant.

"Listen, if a stream was to be flicked off and flicked back on that's all it will take for these streams to be completely fucking gone." He said of the practice of running 24/7 streams.

He then took aim specifically at Anomaly who has been sitting at the top of the Valorant category for the past couple of days.

"That 100k viewers that is sitting on the top of Valorant section is completely fraudulent, it's a complete joke," he said, before suggesting those kind of numbers are impossible two weeks after the initial surge of viewers.

"Everyone's numbers have dropped off significantly[...] and you're telling me Anomaly, that you're still at 100 and 120K?"

"Give me a break bro. Turn your stream off bitch."



Summit1g then went on to apologise for his use of the word bitch but says that the practice of legal view botting has been irking him for some time saying: 

"Sorry dudes, It's kind of built up. I've tried to be professional about it, my dude it's just scummy shit dude, super scummy, and I don't like streamers like that be successful."

Adding, "how long do we have to take advantage of legal view botting?"


Summit1g then went on to claim that there were a couple of ways to view bot that weren't against Twitch Terms of Condition, but which he clearly feels should be.

"If your stream is on 24 hours a day, you basically have people camping your stream, nobodies even interacting with those computers that are on." 



Summit1g has been one of the biggest beneficiaries - as a popular streamer and former CS:GO pro - of the Valorant drops, reaching 231,278 concurrent viewers on 9th April - two days after the start of the closed beta.

His numbers have been steadily dropping in the days since, which he says is "completely natural" but clearly he see's tactics, like those employed by Anomaly, as effectively gaming the system.

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