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Ubisoft, Codemasters and more unite for charity stream event YANA to raise money for COVID-19 relief

A new charity stream supported by numerous video game companies will raise money to support those struggling in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.
A new event called You Are Not Alone (YANA), formed by esports and video game companies across Europe, is raising money to combat loneliness during the coronavirus outbreak - using video games to bring people together.

With supporters including companies Barclays, Codemasters, Sports Interactive, Ubisoft and Facebook Gaming, YANA hopes to bring together 10 million gamers to raise money for multiple charities who provide relief for those affected by COVID-19, including the Children’s Society and Just Giving.

The 12-hour livestream takes place on 2nd May on Twitch and Facebook Gaming, with events set to include Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA 20 and Football Manager tournaments.

The full line-up of games and talent is set to be revealed soon. You can keep track of updates on their Twitter.

Yana charity stream
A charity stream event takes place on 2nd May (Picture: YANA) 

Adam Whyte, co-founder of Edge Esports who founded YANA, said: “YANA was created to form communities around gaming. It’s a #friendraiser, to let people know, You Are Not Alone! Isolation doesn’t need to be isolating!

“Video games have the power to unite people like no other platform. Our aim is to bring people together, gamers and non-gamers on May 2nd. It doesn’t matter what you play - board game, card game, or in a competitive tournament - everyone is welcome.

“This will be a mass participation event for people of all levels and types. Play with or against your family, friends, co-workers, teammates, and maybe celebrities. It’s important that people feel connected right now, through YANA, we’re hoping to achieve this. Let’s play together and stay apart!”

YANA’s 12-hour stream will run from noon BST to midnight BST on 2nd May.