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Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters Release Dates, Leaks, and News

Four legendary fighters are confirmed for Street Fighter 6's Year 1 DLC, here's who we can expect.
Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters Release Dates, Leaks, and News

In the wake of the stellar launch of Capcom’s latest and greatest in the fighting game genre, Street Fighter 6’s rapidly growing player base of both veterans and newcomers is proving it to be the best entry to the series yet, following our own five-star review. Although already bursting with a sizable roster of colorful characters both returning and brand new, SF6 fans are already keen to see new upcoming DLC characters be introduced to the mix.

Prior to the release of Street Fighter 6, the full roster of the game was unfortunately leaked, but while it was disappointing at the time, Capcom has since taken it in their stride to confirm the roster leaks to be true, further confirming the included Year 1 DLC characters we should expect. Read on for the full list of DLC characters coming to Street Fighter 6 below.

13 September 2023 - We've checked for the latest news and updates relating to Street Fighter 6's DLC characters

Latest News, Leaks, and Rumors

Just below is a rundown of the latest news, leaks, and rumors relating to the upcoming release of all Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters:

5 September 2023 - A.K.I. Fighting Pass Revealed

"The "A.K.I. Arrives!" Fighting Pass is already brewing with delicious concoctions in the form of cosmetics and Fighter Coins. Complete each tier by obtaining Kudos!"

31 August 2023 - A.K.I. Gameplay Trailer Revealed

A gameplay trailer for A.K.I. has been revealed, along with her release date. Here's what you need to know: 

"A.K.I., the maniacal mistress of poison, will slither her way into Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6 on September 27. Feeding off orders from her master, she injects poison into enemies that dare stand within striking distance – all with a smile. You can’t fix her, but she will fix you."

30 August 2023 - A.K.I Teased In New Street Fighter Comic

The next DLC fighter, A.K.I will be released sometime in Autumn 2023, which could mean a potential release somewhere between  23 September and 20 December.

So far we've only had a brief look at the character at Evo 2023 and her World Tour cinematic, however, a new Street Fighter comic may have just hinted at when we can expect to see more of A.K.I.

As spotted by, the upcoming Udon Entertainment Street Fighter comic titled "Evolution Special" will include the debut of the new character

"The new era of fighting games continues with three short-stories starring six World Warriors," says the comic preview. "Featuring Rashid, Cammy, Dee Jay, Luke, Jamie, and the debut of an all-new Street Fighter 6 character... the deadly A.K.I.!"

The comic is slated to be released on 15 November, 2023, which could suggest a November launch for the character.

Street Fighter Evolution Special Comic
Evolution Special is slated to release on November 15, 2023.

7 August 2023 - Capcom Reveals New Fighter A.K.I.

During EVO 2023 Capcom unveiled their next fighter, A.K.I. coming to Street Fighter 6.

Owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate Edition or the Year 1 Character Pass and Ultimate Pass of Street Fighter 6 will obtain A.K.I. when she releases in Autumn 2023. Here's a brief snippet of info about the character from the trailer, which you can also see below:

"A maniacal poison aficionado, A.K.I. can’t wait to sink her nails into her opponents as the second character from Year 1." 

19 July 2023 - Rashid's Move Sets Revealed

Capcom has revealed a guide for the new DLC character Rashid.

"Watch what the Soaring Eagle is capable of as he puts on a masterclass of parkour and wind mastery - all for your viewing pleasure."

Give it a watch, just below:

6 July 2023 - Rashid Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Here's our first proper look at Rashid, who makes his Street Fighter 6 debut on July 24.

Rashid will be unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass on July 24 - by proxy, this also means anyone with the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.

4 July 2023 - Rashid Arrives In Street Fighter 6, Sort Of

Although we still don’t have an actual release date for Rashid, the first of four confirmed DLC characters for Street Fighter 6, Capcom has still seen fit to release a new Fighter Pass that pays homage to the Turbulent Wind.


The “Rashid Arrives!” Fighting Pass is available from July 4 to July 23 for 250 Fighter Coins and includes the following:

  • Five pieces of avatar gear
  • New photo border
  • Three music tracks
  • An emote
  • Titles
  • Device wallpaper
  • Five stickers
  • Classic Capcom game Hyper Dyne Side Arms


As for Rashid's actual release, it's likely going to coincide with the 2023 EVO Championships taking place in early August.

All Confirmed Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters

Pegged to arrive soonest this Summer 2023, Street Fighter V debutant and fan-favorite Rashid should be in our hands pretty soon, with the all-new character A.K.I. following in Autumn 2023. Arriving next year in early Winter 2024, Ed will be hitting the streets, a returning character from SFV who even dates back to an unplayable appearance in Street Fighter IV. Finally (for now), Street Fighter II Turbo’s Akuma will return sporting an even more feral design from his last appearance in Street Fighter V, likely ready to cause havoc as the quintessential foil to Ryu in Spring 2024. 

Given that the full roster of Street Fighter 6 characters are already front and center in World Tour Mode, the same can be said for the DLC gang, who’ll incrementally be added to the RPG adventure on top of their regular appearance in the rest of the game. Fans of the Battle Hub’s Avatar Battle system will surely be looking forward to unlocking fighting styles from Rashid and Co., and incorporating them into their own moveset.

Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters Release Dates

Release dates are yet to be confirmed for any of the DLC crew just yet, so we’ll need to wait for Capcom to release more information. However, we do have some rough release windows for when we can expect DLC characters to launch.

Below is a list of DLC character release dates for Street Fighter 6 in Year 1:

  • Rashid - 24 July 2023
  • A.K.I. -27 September 2023
  • Ed - Winter 2024
  • Akuma - Spring 2024

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