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Street Fighter 6 Rank Distribution Update

The Street Fighter 6 rank distribution is a great way to know where the competitive community is sitting. Here's how the rank distribution looks this month.
Street Fighter 6 Rank Distribution Update

Street Fighter 6's competitive scene is a lively one, and often houses some of the best fighting game players around. All competitive players are fiercely fighting for their place at the top of the leaderboard, but not everyone can take the top spot. It's because of this that the rank distribution is so varied each month.

Street Fighter 6's ranks are separated into eight Leagues, each with their own individual rankings within. If you're hopping into Street Fighter 6's ranked mode then know that not every player might start right at the bottom. Before you get assigned your starting League, you'll need to take part in 10 placement matches, which will be adjusted in difficulty depending on experience. 

For some players, knowing how the ranks are distributed at any given time can be useful information. It might also put some minds at rest to see a large portion of the community having trouble within the same rank. Below, we'll go over the current rank distribution in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Rank Distribution

Thanks to a very handy Reddit page, posted by u/McDopple, we're able to see the Street Fighter 6 rank distribution data breakdown. Here's what things are looking like from the end of August, going into September 2023:

Rank Group Players Player % Percentile (%)
Master 56,124 2.78 97.22
Diamond 127,452 6.32 90.90
Platinum 454,164 22.53 68.37
Gold 335,232 16.63 51.74
Silver 382,179 12.95 19.83
Bronze 261,077 12.95 19.83
Iron 258,309 12.82 7.01
Rookie 133,644 6.63 0.00

It's important to note that this is a more basic breakdown. Each rank group is also separated by its individual ranks, except for Master. For example, the number of players in Diamond 5 are, unsurprisingly, significantly smaller than those in Diamond 1. This month, Diamond 5 had 4,628 players, where as Diamond 1 had 80,914, accounting for the majority of data for the Diamond Rank Group in the above table. The most populated Rank Group is Platinum, accounting for roughly 22% of all ranked players.

Street Fighter 6 All Ranks

The Street Fighter 6 ranks are split into 8 Leagues. (Picture: Capcom)

If you need a refresher in Street Fighter ranks, or are jumping into the competitive scene for the first time, here's how everything is divided:

There are 8 Leagues:

  • Master
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Rookie

Each of these Leagues (except Master) has five ranks. Rank 1 for each League is the lowest, with Rank 1 being the highest. The full rank breakdown looks like this:

Rookie Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Master
Rookie 1 Iron 1 Bronze 1 Silver 1 Gold 1 Platinum 1 Diamond 1 Master
Rookie 2 Iron 2 Bronze 2 Silver 2 Gold 2 Platinum 2 Diamond 2 -
Rookie 3 Iron 3 Bronze 3 Silver 3 Gold 3 Platinum 3 Diamond 3 -
Rookie 4 Iron 4 Bronze 4 Silver 4 Gold 4 Platinum 4 Diamond 4 -
Rookie 5 Iron 5 Bronze 5 Silver 5 Gold 5 Platinum 5 Diamond 5 -