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Subnautica Roadmap 2024: Sequel, New Updates, & More

There are some big updates coming to the Subnautica series, and here's what fans can look forward to in 2024.
Subnautica Roadmap 2024: Sequel, New Updates, & More

Big things are coming to the Subnautica series, after developer Unknown Worlds announced in early February the development of the series' next entry. The tense, underwater survival game has been a consistent hit, with many having undertaken their journeys across Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero. 

With plenty to look forward to in the Subnautica series, fans are no doubt eager to learn about what's coming in 2024, and beyond. 

Subnautica Roadmap 2024: Content & Schedule

Subnautica 2: Early Access Release Window

In an official statement, Unknown Worlds clarified some of their plans pertaining to Subnautica 2, namely the release window for early access. According to the developers, early access is currently not planned for 2024, however they plan to share more information throughout the year. 

Subnautica 2: Early Information, Features, What To Expect

Unknown Worlds has clarified that the next Subnautica title will not have a battle pass or require a subscription. (Picture: Unknown Worlds)

Publisher KRAFTON originally referenced the upcoming Subnautica title as “Games-as-a-Service,” which caused some initial confusion amongst fans. However the developers later clarified exactly what that would mean:

"In reference to “Games-as-a-Service,” we simply plan to continually update the game for many years to come, just like the previous two Subnautica games," the statement read. "Think our Early Access update model, expanded. No season passes. No battle passes. No subscription."

Unknown Worlds also discussed how multiplayer would work within upcoming game, saying that it won't be multiplayer-focused, but that co-op would be an optional way to enjoy the game. Players will be able to play single-player much like the previous titles.

Subnautica & Subnautica: Below Zero 2024 Schedule

Unknown Worlds has yet to reveal their detailed plans for the two existing Subnautica titles, including 2021's Below Zero. However, with the focus currently on the next installment, it's unclear exactly when the next update is scheduled for Subnautica or Subnautica: Below Zero. 

The last major update for Subnautica was released in March 2023, which announced that the game had become Steam Deck verified. The update also fixed some controller dead zone bugs, and an occasional black screen that appeared when starting up the game.