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Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to find every biome

The biomes are the core of Subnautica: Below Zero.
Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to find every biome

At the heart of every open-world title are the different areas that players can explore freely. The huge draw of these games is the ability for the player to go anywhere they want at any time, provided they have the right equipment. 

In Subnautica, the same is true. The developers have crafted another massive open world for players to explore with Below Zero. Just like the first game, there are several different biomes that players can venture out to in hopes of obtaining new materials or learning more about the planet they inhabit. 

In order to properly do that though, you the player needs to know exactly where to find each of the game’s various biomes. This way, you can ensure you’re not missing out on any materials or simply exploring the open world to its fullest extent. 

Every biome in Subnautica: Below Zero

all biomes subnauticaSubnautica: Below Zero’s biomes are home to new creatures. (Picture: Unknown Worlds)

In total, there are 16 biomes in Subnautica: Below Zero. Most are found by simply playing through the game, as various story missions will have you go to almost every biome. However, there are some that are only found by sheer exploration or knowing exactly where they are. 

Contrary to popular misconception, Subnautica: Below Zero is not a procedurally generated world. The starting location is random but everything after that has a set location, so if you know where one biome is, it won’t ever change. 

First and foremost though, you need to know each of the biomes in the game. Here’s a list of all 16 in no particular order. 

  • Twisty Bridges
  • Sparse Arctic
  • Arctic Kelp Forest
  • Glacial Basin
  • East Arctic
  • West Arctic
  • Delta or Rocket Island
  • Tree Spires
  • Thermal Spires
  • Purple Vents
  • Outpost Zero
  • Arctic Spires
  • World Edge
  • Glacial Bay
  • Glacial Underwater Basin
  • Lilypad Islands

Next, here’s a detailed map so you can find each of the biomes from the starting region, Twisty Bridges. Although the map doesn’t show the various depths you need to descend to in order to reach some of the biomes. However, as long as you head in the direction of the biome you want to go to, you’ll likely see areas to descend to so you can reach it. 

subnatica how to find all biomesA map of Subnautica: Below Zero. (Picture: Fandom Wiki)

The map is a great guide but you’ll need to play through the game in order to reach most of the biomes.