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Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to find Moonpool fragments

The Moonpool is an essential upgrade to any player’s base in Subnautica: Below Zero.
Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to find Moonpool fragments

When you’re first designing your base in Subnautica: Below Zero, the first aspect on your mind isn’t where you’re putting the moonpool.

First, you need to find the Seatruck or Prawn Suit fragments, build them and then acquire the resources to add onto your base for the moonpool itself. 

However, it never hurts to pick up the necessary fragments for the upgrade beforehand. Or, if you’re struggling to find the fragments, then now is a perfect time to go out looking for them. Subnautica: Below Zero holds many blueprints for various upgrades but the moonpool is among the most vital ones, as it charges the Seatruck and Prawn Suit and gives you the ability to access customization for the vehicles. 

The big question is, where are the fragments to the moonpool on Planet 4546B?

Finding Moonpool fragments in Subnautica: Below Zero

Unlike in the original Subnautica, the moonpool fragments are actually all inside of one data box. Once players find this data box, they then have access to the moonpool blueprint and can construct it using the habitat builder. 

Moonpool fragments in Subnautica Below ZeroThe moonpool in Subnautica: Below Zero. (Picture: Unknown Worlds)

The data box you’re looking for is in Marguerit Maida’s Base, which can be found in a cave underneath the Purple Vents biome. The base itself is built on top of a rock structure and is located directly near the Lilypad Islands and Three Spires. 

The moonpool data box is found inside of the base’s moonpool with Marguerit’s Prawn Suit. You just need to scan the inside of the moonpool and the blueprint will unlock. 

To attach the moonpool to your base, you’re going to need a good amount of room between the ground and the moonpool itself. Your Seatruck or Prawn Suit needs to fit inside and also go underneath it, so make sure your base is off the ground. It also needs to be connected to power, so attach a multi-purpose room with a hallway next to it, for example.

Once the moonpool is constructed, it will charge your Seatruck or Prawn Suit and you can also build the vehicle upgrade console, which allows you to customize your vehicles. This can only be built inside of the moonpool.