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Rize Final Boss tournament: schedule, format, competitiors and how to watch

Rize Gaming's Final Boss tournament will see eight of the regions best Tekken 7 players battle it out for a chance to go up against one of Rize's professional roster.
Rize Final Boss tournament: schedule, format, competitiors and how to watch

Rize Gaming is partnering with Ginx Esports TV to bring you - Final Boss - a Tekken 7 tournament like no other, eight players will battle it out for the chance to take on one of Rize Gaming's professional roster.

(Picture: Rize Gaming)

The fight begins on Wednesday, 7th October at 13:00 pm PT / 16:00 pm ET / 21:00 pm BST.

The action will be broadcast live on the GINX Esports TV channel, available on Sky channel 433 in the UK, Ginx Esports Canada, and GINX's Twitch channel.


  • 8 competitors will be split into a single-elimination bracket.
    • First-to-3 wins
  • The winner of the bracket will face the Final Boss in the Grand Final
    • First-to-5 wins to declare the ultimate winner.


Rookang Rize Gaming Final Boss

Name: Rookang
Location: London 
Char(s): Bob / Jack 7 
Favourite Tournament: Tekken Grand Battle 2017
Want to face: Chickenmaru 
Hope to avoid: no one

Social: @rookang1


Shridel Rize Gaming

Name: Shirdel
Location: Eastbourne
Chars: Alisa, Marduk
Favourite Tournament: Electric Clash 2019
Want to face: Rookang
Hope to avoid: Rookang (lol)

Social: @Shirdel7221


King Jae Rize Gaming

Name: King Jae
Location: London
Char(s): Geese, Leroy, Ganryu
Favourite Tournament: EVO 2018
Want to face: Rookang
Hope to avoid:  nobody

Social: @KingJaeLDN



Location: Stratford 
Char(s): King
Favourite Tournament: Headstomper 2019
Want to face:  SpiraNick
Hope to avoid:  Shirdel



SpiraNick Rize Gaming

Name: SpiraNick
Location: Nottingham
Char(s): Xiaoyu, Anna, Zafina
Favourite Tournament: King of the North 2018
Want to Face: Shen or Rookang
Hope to avoid: KingJae or Shirdel

Social: @IronFistSpira



Name: Robin
Location: London
Char(s): Leo, Lee, Armor King
Favourite Tournament: Fighting Games Challenge 2018
Want to Face: Shen, Shirdel or SpiraNick 
Hope to avoid: Rookang (His Bob scares me)

Social: @Robin__tk



Name: Arsenegbenga
Location: London
Char(s): Miguel, Negan 
Favourite Tournament: The Big Yin
Want to Face: SpiraNick 
Hope to avoid: KingJae

Social: @arsenegbenga


Shen Rize Gaming

Name: Shen
Location: Manchester
Char(s): Miguel, Fahkumram
Favourite Tournament: TWT LCQ 2018
Want to face: Rookang
Hope to avoid: FEARS NO ONE

Social: @shen_gaming_uk