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WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Tekken 7: Schedule, line-up and how to watch

Watch WePlay Ultimate Fighting League on GINX Esports TV as top players in Tekken 7 compete for $15,000.
WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Tekken 7: Schedule, line-up and how to watch

After tournaments in both Mortal Kombat 11 and Soulcalibur VI, the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League (WUFL) culminates with Tekken 7.

Run by WePlay Esports, WUFL is the inaugural season of their new fighting game league staged at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv in Ukraine.

It’s one of the only offline fighting game tournaments around at the moment, although there’s no audience in attendance due to the ongoing pandemic. Looking to check out the event? Here’s all the information you need about the Tekken 7 tournament. 


When is WUFL Season One for Tekken 7?

The event spans four days from Thursday 8th April to Sunday 11th April, as sixteen players compete for a share of the $150,000 prize pool.

The sixteen players are divided into two groups playing in a best-of-five round robin format, with the top four players from each advancing to the Playoffs. The bottom four players are eliminated.

The remaining eight players will compete in a double elimination bracket with best-of-five matches, with the final a best-of-nine. 


Who is on the line-up?

The groups (Picture: WePlay) 

  • Arslan Ash - Pakistan
  • Awais Honey - Pakistan
  • Super Akouma - France
  • Asim - Great Britain
  • Blackbeard - Denmark
  • Bilal - Pakistan
  • Saint - South Korea
  • JDCR - South Korea
  • Fergus - Ireland
  • DanielMado - Italy
  • Caiper - Spain
  • Borissonic - Ukraine
  • Jopelix - Finland
  • Book - Thailand
  • Ghirlanda - Italy
  • KiraKira - Switzerland


What is the schedule and how can I watch it?

The action kicks off on Thursday 8th April at 8pm CEST/7pm BST with the Group A matches. 

The event will be streamed at this time on the WePlay Twitch channel. You can also watch the first three days of the event through the GINX Esports TV channel starting at 9pm BST. 

Thursday 8th April

  • Group A matches - 8pm to 12.30am CEST/7pm to 11.30pm BST (9pm to 5am BST on GINX Esports TV) 

Friday 9th April 

  • Group B matches - 8pm to 12.30am CEST/7pm to 11.30pm BST

Saturday 10th April

  • Pocket Team Clash - 8pm CEST/7pm BST (9pm to 1am BST on GINX Esports TV)

Sunday 11th April

  • Playoffs - 8pm CEST/7pm BST (9pm to 1am BST)