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Best Comps To Use In TFT Patch 13.1

With the latest patch of TFT now out, it is time to learn what are the best comps in Teamfight Tactics right now.
Best Comps To Use In TFT Patch 13.1

Teamfight Tactics is a game that is constantly changing. Now that it is the new year, a brand new patch has been released in the TFT servers. Patch 13.1 has changed the meta quite a bit, so it will be difficult to keep up with other players if you are only playing the comps that worked in the previous patch.

That is why we are here to help. We are looking at various websites to keep up with what is the best comps in TFT right now. It is important to know what is good in TFT, just the fact that this knowledge could help you climb much easier rather than if you went into a game completely blind. Here, we will discuss what has changed and what comps you should consider trying.

What Has Changed In TFT Patch 13.1?

TFT Best Comps
Sett got some major buffs in Patch 13.1 of TFT, making him an amazing tank unit. (Picture: Riot Games)

Patch 13.1 is a massive patch for the game. A lot has changed in the game, and what worked before might not work as well as before. Seeing as the patch is huge, we will highlight some of the more important details of the game.

With Supers and Mascots nerfed, the meta has shifted from a Reroll Meta to a Fast 8 Meta. The Supers trait took a massive blow in damage output which is why reroll comps were so good in the previous patch. Because of that, players are focusing on stronger units that were buffed. This includes 4-cost units like Bel'Veth, Samira, and Miss Fortune.

Getting to 4-cost units quickly is important if you want to stay ahead of your opponents; that is why hitting level 8 is very important. In the previous patch, you would want to stay at a lower level to reroll a 3-star version of your carry. But with Supers being nerfed so hard, you will want to avoid that. The most viable reroll comp right now is Kai'Sa/Vayne.

What Are The Best Comps In TFT Right Now?

Although Kai'Sa was slightly nerfed, the buffs to the Recon trait still make her a good carry to consider using. (Picture: Riot Games)

When it comes to the best comps in TFT right now, just know that most of your carries are going to be 4-cost units. With that being said, you have a couple of different options for what comps you can use in TFT.

One of the comps you can use is Mecha: PRIME Sett and Samira. Sett will be your main tank, and Samira will be your main carry. Both Sett and Samira were not only buffed, but their traits were buffed as well. Mecha: PRIME on Sett got a buff, and Ace on Samira was buffed as well.

Ox Force Viego is another comp you should consider. Getting in as many Ox Force units as you can while itemizing Viego as your AP carry is the way to go. Viego got buffed and can snowball very easily in TFT. Just make sure you have the Ox Force trait active, or else he will die very quickly.

The last suggestion we will give is LaserCorps Zed. Not only did Zed get buffed, but his trait LaserCorps did as well. LaserCorps now does massive damage, and it is well worth trying to get as many LaserCorps units on your board as possible. Although Duelists got slightly nerfed, you should still consider using Duelists Zed if you have the opportunity to do so.