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Best AD Units In TFT Set 8

If you want to know which units are the best AD carries in TFT Set 8, we have the answer you are looking for.
Best AD Units In TFT Set 8

Teamfight Tactics has officially entered Set 8 of the game and it is called Monsters Attack. In this expansion, you will be fielding superhero-themed units and even Threat units who are the monsters of this set. A brand new set means that you need to know who are the new carries to aim for.

Thanks to Hero Augments, nearly any unit can be a carry in TFT. But there are some units that have been standing out from the crowd. On this page, we are going to talk about who the top performing AD carries in TFT Set 8 right now.

Who Are The Main AD Carries In TFT Set 8?

TFT Set 8 AD Carry
Talon is a surprisingly good AD carry despite being a 1-cost unit in TFT Set 8. (Picture: Riot Games)

When it comes to TFT, knowing who is the top performing carries is important. You do not want to try to make a bad unit your carry, as you will end up underperforming during your games. Here, we gathered the data from Tactics.tools which is a website that gives you nearly all the data you could want from Teamfight Tactics. From this website, we can get a pretty good idea of who the top AD carries are in TFT.


Aphelios is by and far the best AD carry in TFT. This unit has a win rate of 19.5% out of all the units in TFT which currently puts him at the top. His Arsenal class is unique to him which allows players to choose which spell he has. This helps Aphelios fill any missing spots in any composition.


Zed is one of the most popular carries in Set 8 of TFT right now. Zed's spell destroys the armor of his target unit and he will deal bonus physical damage to that unit. On top of that, he is a Hacker unit which means he can easily enter the backline on top of being a Duelist which increases his attack speed. Zed with the Edge of Night item is nearly unstoppable because he will just ramp up his speed while he is not being targeted.


Talon is a surprising unit that is actually a very good AD carry. Despite the fact that he is a 1-cost unit, he is very fast and powerful. His spell heals him if he manages to kill someone and his spell always goes for the furthest unit away from the center. That usually means he targets backline carries which helps out the rest of the team. The only thing you need to be aware of is that if you do not three-star Talon and itemize him correctly, he will likely not be useful in the late game.

Who Else Are Good AD Carries In TFT Set 8?

TFT Set 8 AD Carry Urgot
Urgot with AD items in the late game can absolutely shred through opponents. (Picture: Riot Games)

There is a lot of good AD carries in TFT Set 8 right now. Thanks to Hero Augments, nearly anyone who is an AD unit has the potential to be an AD carry. You just need to know how to work around these Hero Augments to make the most out of the units you get.

But there are some other highlights you should look out for. Urgot, Draven, Jax, Ashe, Samira, Bel'veth, and Vayne are all great AD units to look out for. If you find any of the units mentioned above, you should consider them to be your AD carry. This is especially true if you end up getting their Hero Augment.