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Teamfight Tactics - best items and combinations guide

We round up the best Teamfight Tactics items and combinations. With these items in the back of your mind, you can start your journey in Ranked Mode.
Teamfight Tactics - best items and combinations guide


The autobattler from Riot Games, Teamfight Tactics, continues to change.

The latest evolution happened with the recent Patch 10.3, making several big changes to champions, items, and bug fixes. Arguably the most important change in the update is that the Spatula isn't in the Carousel anymore, making it more difficult to acquire. Basically, a Spatula only drops from Gold Boxes now.

With that in mind, we take a look at the best basic items and combinations in our Teamfight Tactics guide.

Teamfight Tactics - Best Basic Items

Below, you can find a list of the best basic items in Teamfight Tactics. Note that these items are required to build some of the most powerful combination items in the game. It goes without saying that these top basic items in Teamfight Tactics are of the utmost importance to acquire as early as possible in a match. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to start your journey in the game's Ranked Mode.

  • B.F. Sword - Provides +15 attack damage when equipped - Needed to create some of the best combination items in the game, including Infinity Edge, Youmuu's Ghostblade and much more.
  • Recurve Bow - Provides +20% attack speed when equipped - Can be used to create eight combination items, including the likes of the Rapid Firecannon (requires two Recurve Bows). When this combination item is equipped, the champion's attacks cannot be dodged and its range is doubled.
  • Tear of the Goddess - Provides +20 mana when equipped - This basic item is fantastic for the Elementalist and Sorcerer champions. It is used to create eight combination items, including some of the most powerful in the game, namely Seraph's Embrace and Statikk Shiv.
  • Spatula - While it is not as easily obtainable anymore, the Spatula is arguably the most important basic item in the game. You can use it to create some of the strongest combination items, including the Force of Nature (requires two Spatulas), Youmuu's Ghostblade and more. It is used to build combination items that change a champion's class or origin.


The glorious Spatula (Credit: LoL Oceania)

Teamfight Tactics - Best item combinations

There are a plethora of item combinations in Teamfight Tactics that can make your champions much stronger. Some of these items can even change a champion's class or origin. Let's take a look at the strongest Teamfight Tactics item combinations as of patch 10.3 below. This item list is sorted in no particular order.

Guardian Angel

When equipped, the champion revives with 400 health. Gains +15 attack damage and +25 armour - This item is best used with Assassin champions but it can be useful on just about any champion origin or class. It is created by combining a Chain Vest and B.F. Sword.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

When equipped, the champion is also an Assassin. Gains +15 attack damage - Best used with Imperial and Blademaster champions. The item that you should use with the Youmuu's Ghostblade, whenever possible, is Infinity Edge. Created by combining a B.F. Sword and a Spatula.

Infinity Edge

When equipped, the champion gains 100% extra critical strike damage. Gains +15 attack damage and 20% crit chance - The Infinity Edge is a must-have item for champions from the Assassin class. This item also works wonders with any character class when the champion also has Youmuu's Ghostblade equipped. Combine two B.F. Sword items.

Seraph's Embrace

When equipped, the champion regains 20 mana each time a spell is cast. Gains +40 starting mana - Seraph's Embrace is best used with champions from the Sorcerer and Elementalist classes. Combine two Tears of the Goddess items.

Dragon's Claw

When equipped, the champion has 83% resistance to magic damage - The Dragon's Claw is the perfect counter against heavy spellcaster compositions. It is best used with champions from the Knight, Guardian and Yordle classes. Combine two Negatron Cloak items.

Jewelled Gauntlet

When equipped, the champion can hit critical strikes with abilities. Gains +20% ability power and +20% critical strike chance - The Jewelled Gauntlet is an excellent addition to the Sorcerer class arsenal. Combine Sparring Gloves with Needlessly Large Rod.

Inferno Cinder

When equipped, the champion is also an Inferno. Gains 20% ability power - Just like Youmuu's Ghostblade, the Inferno Cinder is a powerful item that allows the champion to become a different class. Combine a Needlessly Large Rod with a Spatula.

Force of Nature

This item gives the player +1 to team size - Force of Nature has become even more difficult to obtain since the Spatula item doesn't appear in the Carousel after update 10.3. However, it is still one of the best item combinations in Teamfight Tactics. Combine two Spatula items. Works best with the Guardian class.

Talisman of Light

When equipped, the champion is also Light. Gains +25 magic resistance. This is yet another powerful item that allows a champion to become a different class. Combine a Spatula with a Negatron Cloak.


(Credit: Riot Games)

Final Thoughts

This is by no means a complete item list for Teamfight Tactics. However, you should always keep these items and combinations in mind when playing. With the knowledge of these Teamfight Tactics items and combinations, you should be able to start your journey in the game's highly-competitive Ranked Mode.

Honourable mentions for Teamfight Tactics items and combinations that barely didn't make it into our list include Giant's Belt (basic), as well as Morello Nomicon (combination), Locket of the Iron Solari, and the recently-buffed Statikk Shiv.