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Huanmie claims China's first TFT World Championship, with victory at Reckoning finals

A new TFT world champion has been crown at the Reckoning Championship finals, with Huanmie taking the dub at last.
Huanmie claims China's first TFT World Championship, with victory at Reckoning finals

After almost six months since the release of Set 5, the Teamfight Tactics’ third competitive season has come to an end with the crowning of a new world champion in the finals of the Reckoning Championship.

Despite its change to an online format, the TFT Reckoning World Championship managed to bring the top 20 players from around the world to compete during four days, for a chance to join Double61 and 8LJaywalking at the hall of TFT world champions.

Teamfight Tactics World Champions Double61 and 8LJayWalking
Teamfight Tactics World Champions, Double61 and 8LJayWalking. (Picture: Riot Games)

Prior to the start of the finals of the Reckoning World Championship, the stage was already dominated by the Chinese players, with three out of their four representatives managing to qualify for the final showdown.

However, the first match was taken by none other than Latin America’s second-seeded player, TA SMbappé, using a strong combination of traits led by Abomination, Revenant and Mystic.

This would be the only game where the Colombian player handled the competition, as the next match went in favour of Oceania’s Escha with his Spellweaver and Revenant combination, followed by NA’s TFT streamer DeliciousMilkGG with his powerful Ranger comp.

The first Chinese champion is crowned

At this point, China’s Qitux and Escha had the chance to capitalize on the championship with a first-place win, but the competition was so fierce they couldn’t get the job done, as the eventual champion Huanmie suddenly rise from the ashes.

By using an eight Helion comp to take down DeliciousMilkGG, and then with a masterful performance of his eight Legionnaire comp with an impressive three-star Riven and Nidalee, Huanmie managed to not only put himself above the 18-point threshold, but also win the entire thing without a doubt.

With this accolade, Huanmie is not only the second Asian player to become TFT world champion, following Korea’s 8LJaywalking victory in the Fates Set, but also the first Chinese player to get the crown in Riot’s auto battler.

TFT Reckoning World Championship final results
TFT Reckoning World Championship final results. (Picture: Riot Games)

Now with the Reckoning Set cycle coming to an end in just over three weeks, a new journey awaits as we prepare for the launch of Gizmos and Gadgets, TFT Set 6 full of new features entirely based on League’s Hextech technology.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.