Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

A guide to Light: Spilling the TFTea

Light is one of the most varied elements in TFT and there are numerous ways to utilise its champions and trait bonus. This is all you need to know about Light and how to achieve success with it.
A guide to Light: Spilling the TFTea

Teamfight Tactics' second set of champions came with the Rise of the Elements update that also changed League of Legends' iconic Summoner's Rift map.

Light is one of the most common origins within the Rise of the Elements Teamfight Tactics set, allowing for full builds around it and it can be used as a supporting element alongside many others in the game for those depending on their spells.

When a Light Champion dies, all other Light champions gain attack speed and recover 25% of the dying champion's maximum health.


The bonus activates on three, six and nine champions:

  • Three = +15% attack speed
  • Six = +25% attack speed
  • Nine = +35% attack speed

The seven champions below are the initial Light options with their cost, second class and stats for their ultimates listed:



Light / Warden

Cost: 1 Gold

Ultimate: Fury of the Dawn - Nasus surrounds himself in light for seven seconds, gaining 250/400/550 maximum health and dealing 50/70/90 magic damage to adjacent enemies every second.




Light / Ranger

Cost: 2 Gold

Ultimate: Silver Bolts - (passive) Whenever Vayne basic attacks the same target three times, she deals nine/12%/15% percent of her target's maximum health as true damage.




Light / Berserker

Cost: 2 Gold

Ultimate: Counter Strike - Jax dodges all incoming attacks for two seconds, then strikes all nearby enemies dealing 150/250/450 magic damage and stunning them for one a half seconds.




Light / Blademaster

Cost: 3 Gold

Ultimate: The Arclight Blade - Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing 250/500/1000 magic damage to all enemies therein.




Light / Mystic

Cost: 3 Gold

Ultimate: Equinox - Soraka calms the area around a random enemy for three seconds, dealing 150/300/450 magic damage to all enemies standing in it and preventing them from gaining mana.




Light / Soulbound

Cost: 4 Gold

Ultimate: The Culling - Lucian fires 10 + (four times attacks per second) bullets in a direction over four seconds, each attacking for 25%/30%/50% of his attack damage, applying on-hits and dealing 40/50/100 magic damage.



Light / Summoner

Cost: 4 Gold

Ultimate: Shepherd of Souls - Yorick blesses his two/three/12 lowest-health allies (except Minions of Light). When they die they are resurrected as a Minion of Light with 500/800/1000 health and 100/175/250 attack damage.

Build Guide

Light is a common element so it won't be too hard to utilise the three unit bonus in the early game thanks to the likes of Nasus, Jax and Vayne.

In order to get the full nine champion bonus, you will need to use a Talisman of Light on two non-Light champions.

This item can be made with a Spatula and a Negatron Cloak, dropped as a full item or found in carousels following the raptors.

21-tft-negatron-cloak.png + tft-spatula.jpg =21-tft-light.jpg

Yorick remains a useful unit for Summoner builds and his ultimate is desirable, so it is worth looking at whether your opponents are using him in their builds.

While Lunar will soon be nerfed, but the trait bonus should still be a solid choice to pair with Light.

Light and its champions look set to be unaffected by Patch 10.2 but there are other changes coming to classes, champions and items that could shift the balance for this element.