Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

Patch 10.4 improves UI and reworks Glacial element

Players will now be able to see previous opponents while the Glacial element will be changed significantly in the latest patch, adding a new quality to its trait bonus to increase its power.
Patch 10.4 improves UI and reworks Glacial element

With Patch 10.3 removing the Spatulas from Carousels during the game, Patch 10.4 is looking to change up Teamfight Tactics even more with UI adjustments and a reworked Glacial trait bonus.

Currently, it is not possible to see which opponents you have recently faced after the round ends, but Patch 10.4 will allow you to quickly check who you have played against without needing to guess based on Little Legends.

While units like Olaf are strong carry champions and can trigger in Berserker builds thanks to Volibear sharing the Glacial element, the power of Olaf was often insane with four or six Glacials on the field.

This paired with Spatulas and Giant's Belts enabling any champion to become a Glacial later in the game meant many found themselves unable to strike thanks to the random freezing stuns.

Patch 10.3 had actually seen a decreased presence of Olaf in high ELO games compared to other four-cost units such as Malphite, Ashe and Twitch, with Rangers gaining ground in the meta for many.

Rather than a simple nerf or buff, Glacial will now see its stun chance set to 25% while granting bonus magic damage depending on how many Glacial champions are on the field.

This will start at 50 magic damage for two Glacials, 125 magic damage for four Glacials and 250 magic damage if six Glacials are in play.

Additional changes will be coming to specific champions in Patch 10.4 including the aforementioned Malphite.

Four high-tier champions will see changes, Malphite, Taric, Nami and Master Yi, with the latter buffed as the other two are hit with nerfs.

Taliyah and Senna will see changes too, with knockback reduction for the Mage and the Redeemer given new life as a far stronger two-cost unit.

All of the changes are currently active on the PBE so will be set to reach the main game in the coming days.

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is an autobattler made by Riot Games utilising the vast roster of champions available in League of Legends.


By choosing different champions with the same classes and complimentary spells, you can unlock powerful synergies that allow for bonuses such as greater attack speeds, increased armor or stunning opposing champions on the field.

Items can be found and equipped to maximise the potential of individual champions, granting different benefits depending on what you equip and how you combine base items.

Like the main game, Teamfight Tactics is free-to-play and can be found within League of Legends via the new Riot Games client and will be coming to mobile devices this March alongside a new roster of champions as part of Set 3.