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Patch 10.7 to bring Galaxies set mechanic, nerf five-cost units

The Galaxies mechanic is finally landing in TFT Patch 10.7 alongside balance changes to the most expensive units and numerous champion and trait adjustments.
Patch 10.7 to bring Galaxies set mechanic, nerf five-cost units

Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.7 is going to shake up a lot of things in the Riot Games autobattler as champions and traits are adjusted alongside the introduction of different Galaxies for the first time beyond the PBE.

Below is a full rundown of all of the Patch 10.7 changes as detailed in Lead Designer on Teamfight Tactics at Riot Games Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer's video.

System changes


Riot initially delayed the Galaxies mechanic for the launch of the third set in order to give more time to test them. While the majority of games will still be regular Teamfight Tactics matches, there is a 45% chance for a game to take place in one of the new Galaxies instead.

The three Galaxies that will be introduced in Patch 10.7 are The Neekoverse, Lilac Nebula (previously called Purple Haze in the PBE) and Medium Legends Galaxy. There will be a distinct symbol at the centre of the carousel to indicate whether you are in one of the Galaxies or not.


The Neekoverse will see all players receive two free copies of Neeko's Help at the start of the game, Lilac Nebula makes all of the first carousel units four cost champions and the Medium Legends Galaxy will make the Little Legends not-so-little with 25 bonus starting health.

More Galaxies will be added in the next patch and players will be challenged to adapt to unexpected circumstances and develop new strategies to create the best builds and counter the opposition.

Other changes

Further changes will be made to various elements of the game system:

  • Level eight champion tier percentage rates dropped from 13/20/35/35/7 to 14/20/35/35/6
  • Special carousels occur less often now
  • The rules for which items stay on champion combine now prioritise items on the board
  • Removed the additional five seconds per phase for start of set
  • Ekko, Irelia, Lucian, Xin Zhao attacks performed as part of their spell can now trigger the effects of Statikk Shiv, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Runaan's Hurrican
  • Champions now celebrate when they are victorious
  • Graves' splash art has been updated to match his in-game model more closely

Players had noticed carousels that gave all champions the same item and Kayn rounds that provided him with three instead of the usual one item and were wondering what influenced these mechanics. The special carousels will now appear less while no word was given on the rarity of more powerful Kayns.


The drop rate at level eight has now been brought back to the level it was during Rise of the Elements and it will be harder to find the strongest units without being at the maximum level.

Trait changes

Two traits will see big reworks in Patch 10.7, Dark Star and Mana-Reaver, while other traits will see smaller adjustments.

Dark Star


When a Dark Star champion dies, all other allied Dark Star champions gain attack damage and spell power

  • Three = +25 attack damage and spell power
  • Six = +35 attack damage and spell power

This now allows all Dark Star champions to gain the buff rather than just a random nearby champion.


Mana-Reaver auto attacks increase the mana cost of their target's next spellcast by 40% with two on the board instead of requiring all four Mana-Reaver. The lack of popularity for Mana-Reavers in the 10.6 meta has led to this change and can now counter a powerful rival frontline casters.


Smaller changes have been made to five other traits:


  • Chance for two bonus attacks increased from 30/55% to 30/60%


  • Bonus HP decreased from 300/750 to 300/700



  • Bonus attack speed every four seconds increased from 15/35/65% to 15/35/75%


  • Magic resistance to allies changed from 30/120 to 35/105


  • Bonus damage per hex distance increased from 12% to 15%

Champion changes

As expected, numerous champions are being buffed, nerfed or changed in Patch 10.7.

Aurelion Sol

  • Spell damage reduced from 120/175/750 to 100/150/750
  • Target selection is now random instead of weighted random


  • Cast time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.1 seconds, resumes attacking quicker after spell



  • HP increased from 650 to 750


  • Spell damage reduced from 250/450/2000 to 225/400/2000


  • Mana reduced from 60/120 to 50/125
  • Spell damage decreased from 250/350/700 to 200/300/600


  • Mana increased from 50/150 to 75/175
  • Spell damage decreased from 650/850/9001 to 450/600/9001


  • Mana decreased from 0/100 to 0/80



  • Attack speed reduced from 0.85 to 0.8

Miss Fortune

  • Attack speed reduced from 1.1 to 1.0
  • Mana increased from 50/150 to 75/175
  • Spell damage decreased from 70/90/999% to 60/80/999%


  • Spell damage decreased from 250/325/450% to 250/325/400%



  • Mana decreased from 50/150 to 50/125
  • Spell healing changed from 300/450/2000 to 350/500/2000


  • Mana decreased from 0/80 to 0/70


  • HP increased from 850 to 950


  • Attack speed increased from 0.75 to 0.8



  • Mana increased from 0/40 to 0/45

Xin Zhao

  • Mana increased from 0/50 to 0/60

  • Spell damage increased from 175/250/350 to 200/275/375


  • Mana reduced from 90/120 to 70/100
  • Spell damage increased from 150/225/300 to 150/225/400

Item changes

Only four items are changing in Patch 10.7.


Burn over 10 seconds reduced from 30% to 27%

Red Buff

Burn over 10 seconds reduced from 30% to 27%

Statikk Shiv

Damage per bounce increased from 75 to 80

Warmong's Armor

Missing HP regen per second increased from 4% to 5%

Patch 10.7 will be coming to Teamfight Tactics live servers on 1st April alongside Patch 10.7 for League of Legends.