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Teamfight Tactics
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Teamfight Tactics Reckoning: 5 best comps to kick-start the new set

Learn about some of the comps in TFT Reckoning that will help you start your new adventure through the Convergence on the right way.

The new Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Set has arrived, bringing monumental changes to this game mode thanks to its vast number of new traits and champions, and new mechanics such as the Shadow Items. To start your way through this new set in the best way, and in case you have not been able to try it through PBE, here we bring you a guide with some of the best comps that you can try to safely start your journey through the Reckoning.

Redeemed Legionnaires

TeamFight Tactics TFT Reckoning bets comps start(Picture: Riot Games / Mobalytics)

This build is based on enhancing the power of the Vel'Koz, thanks to a selection of items that increase its Magic Damage in addition to its Health and Mana Regeneration. Along with the Eye of the Void, try to power Kayle with Attack Speed and Damage items.

Its main synergy will be focused on the Redeemed, which increase its Armour, Magic Resistance, and Ability Power by a certain percentage. When these units die, they will pass this bonus split among remaining Redeemed allies, making the last survivor a behemoth among the game.

Forgotten Legionnaires

TeamFight Tactics TFT Reckoning bets comps start(Picture: Riot Games / Mobalytics)

For this comp all the power will be concentrated in Draven, who thanks to the Attack Damage and Ability Power bonus of the Forgotten trait, in addition to the Attack Speed bonus for being a Legionnaire, will become an unstoppable killing machine thanks to his deadly axes.

As for his objects, it is recommended to go for those that increase his explosive damage in addition to his percentage of critical hits and his Attack Speed. Also, giving Ryze a bit of mana boosts will allow him to incapacitate any enemy, leaving them at the mercy of the Glorious Executioner.


Nightbringer Aphelios

TeamFight Tactics TFT Reckoning bets comps start(Picture: Riot Games / Mobalytics)

One of the most resilient traits to come with the new set has been the Nightbringer, which gives a shield for 8 seconds equal to a percentage of their maximum Health the first time they drop below 50%. When this occurs, the Nightbringer units will gain bonus damage.

Using this bonus in its favour, the best option to carry out the team is Aphelios who thanks to his multiple simultaneous attacks, he can delete any enemy close to him with the help of his arsenal, and some items that help increase his Attack Damage and Speed, and even some lifesteal.

You can also power other units to help your Aphelios getting some peeling during his attacks, or add Heimerdinger, Volibear, and Ivern as these are units that synergize well with the rest of the team in the late game.

Dawnbringer Karma

TeamFight Tactics TFT Reckoning bets comps start(Picture: Riot Games / Mobalytics)

On the contrary side of the previous comp, the Dawnbringer trait brings with it a great advantage by rapidly healing some of the maximum Health of its units the first time they drop below 50%. As the Nightbringers, all allied Dawnbringers will also gain 10% bonus damage.

Thanks to this, champions like Karma can have immense durability and damage, thanks to its Soulflare that fires a burst of energy towards a random enemy's location that detonates upon impact, dealing magic damage to adjacent enemies, and reducing Karma's maximum mana.

To take advantage of this, mana recovery items along with those with Ability Power are essential for Karma. For the late game, you may even replace up to two Dawnbringer units with strong 5 cost units, if you think these will make you stronger.


Dragonslayer Skirmishers

TeamFight Tactics TFT Reckoning bets comps start(Picture: Riot Games / Mobalytics)

The Skirmishers can become one of the biggest problems for any player who faces a comp based on them, as these units gain a shield at the start of combat, and also gain Attack Damage each second of the battle, so in this case, champions like Jax can become a living nightmare if you don’t deal with him fast.

To transform Jax into this, you must focus on getting a Quicksilver for the mid and late game, and also some items that can increase his Attack Speed and coverage, and maybe some to give him more resistance or durability in combat.

Pantheon is also a good option for a second carry in case you don’t have good items for Jax, or maybe you can also go for the 4 Dragonslayer synergy to put strong units like Mordekaiser.

And that’s all for now, remember to check everything that arrived in this set with the TFT Patch 11.9 in our latest Patch notes, and enjoy your time-fighting in the Convergence.