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TFT Dawn of Heroes: New mechanics, Radiant Items, Divine Blessings, and more

A new dawn is on its way to Teamfight Tactics, now that the first details of its next expansion have been released.
TFT Dawn of Heroes: New mechanics, Radiant Items, Divine Blessings, and more

Since its official launch a couple of months ago, the Teamfight Tactics Reckoning set has earned a place in the heart of the entire community, being one of the most varied but at the same time most competitive sets in the history of Riot Games’ auto battler.

In the course of nine weeks, players have been able to enjoy mechanics that have made many tremble, thanks to the introduction of new items, champions and traits, in addition to discovering the effects of the Ruin around the Convergence.

TFT Reckoning Pengu against the Ruin
(Picture: Riot Games)

Now with the Skyglass restored thanks to a massive featured event in the last few weeks, the time has come to discover some of what Riot has in store for Dawn of Heroes, the next TFT expansion for the Reckoning Set, as we fight together to stop the advance of the Ruin and fix the ravages of the Chaos Pengu.

Dawn of Heroes and new Radiant items

One of the main features that were introduced in Set 5 was the Shadow Items, artifacts that can bring great power depending on who is carrying them during the game, in exchange for a disadvantage.

However, thanks to the reconstruction of the Skyglass, this expansion will bring the farewell of these mysterious objects, and with it, the debut of new powerful objects known as Radiant Items.

TFT Reckoning Dawn of Heroes Radiant Infinity Edge
(Picture: Riot Games)

Unlike Shadow Items, Radiants will carry the full potential of their counterparts (and even a little more in certain cases), without affecting or bringing any curse to their wearer or the units around them.

These objects will be limited to one use a match, so you must choose wisely the unit you choose to reinforce, or you may have to adapt to the options that appear when you choose it.

Radiant Items will be available during Round 3-6 (thus eliminating the selection for Round 3-2), having a total of five random options which will not require you to make use of your components, nor to spend gold or even look for them on the Carousel.

TFT Reckoning Dawn of Heroes Radiant Armory
(Picture: Riot Games)

The variety of objects available as Radiants will be equivalent to all those that you can create in a normal way (with the exception of those created with Spatulas), offering up many different tactical choices.

Introducing Divine Blessings

Given the high competitiveness that has existed during this set, many players have had problems surviving in late rounds, not having viable options to complete or build their composition as the game progresses.

In response to this, a mechanic previously released during the Fates Set expansion, the Festival of Beasts, will make its appearance again thanks to the introduction of the Divine Blessing orbs.

TFT Reckoning Dawn of Heroes Divine Blessings
(Picture: Riot Games)

Divine Blessings will give players more opportunities to come back in the game by awarding a special golden orb when they have less than 40 HP. The content of these can vary since they can include everything from object components to special artifacts, and the drops will be the same for all the players present in the game.

New Rare Drop: The Tome of Emblems

The inclusion of these divine orbs will bring with it the debut of a special item, known as the Tome of Emblems. Players will be able to obtain this Tome from both Divine Blessing orbs as well as golden orbs. In case you are lucky enough to receive it, it will be automatically placed on your bench from where you can sell it.

TFT Reckoning Dawn of Heroes Tome of Traits
(Picture: Riot Games)

When sold, it will activate the new Emblem Armory, which will present you with four different emblems that will represent some of the traits available in the game, depending on how your team is composed at the time.

The Emblem Armory will also contain traits that cannot be replicated with the use of Spatulas, so it will present a new window to extend the limit of your compositions to another level.

But we must emphasize something: getting the Tome of Emblems is complicated, so dozens of games may go by without it appearing to you on occasion, so in case you find it, don't hesitate in using it wisely to propel your game to victory.

TFT Reckoning Dawn of Heroes Emblems Armory
(Picture: Riot Games)

The new TFT Reckoning expansion, Dawn of Heroes, will be available during the month of July, so we will soon have more information about all the new Radiant items that will be available, as well as changes regarding champions, traits and even stats and abilities.

In the meantime, don't forget to visit our section dedicated to Teamfight Tactics where you can find news, guides, updates and more.