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TFT Rising Legends announced as new EMEA region competitive circuit

The best Teamfight Tactics players from the EMEA region will rise to the occasion in a new competitive circuit.
TFT Rising Legends announced as new EMEA region competitive circuit

Riot Games have unveiled a new competitive circuit for Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Rising Legends. The circuit will see the best players from EMEA compete to secure their place at the Set 6 TFT World Championship.

Officially announced on Riot Games’ website, the circuit will start in November 2021 culminating in the Finals in March 2022. Here’s what you need to know about TFT Rising Legends including the circuit format, how to qualify, prize pool and more.

TFT Rising Legends circuit format

TFT Rising Legends is structured on a points system that will be distributed in two ways: through qualifying tournaments and competitions and ladder ranking. Cup Points are earned during the Golden Spatula Cups while Ladder Points are earned by climbing up the server region ladder.

Snapshots of the ladder rankings from each server region will be made public weekly as the top 100 players will earn Ladder Points. Two slots will be awarded to the winning team from the TFT Superbrawl where they will join the remaining qualified players in The Convergence over the two-day TFT Rising Legends Finals.  

TFT Rising Legends qualifiers

According to Riot Games, players will have a few opportunities to advance to the TFT Rising Legends Finals via the following tournaments and competitions:

teamfight tactics rising legends golden spatula cups
The Golden Spatula Cups will occur over three days where three winners will emerge. (Picture: Riot Games)

The Golden Spatula Cups are a series of tournaments where players can earn their spot in the TFT Rising Legends Finals through Open Qualifiers. The tournament will serve as the official TFT Rising Legends event as an opportunity for players to battle their way to the Finals.

The Open Qualifiers will host 512 players in ranked competitive matches, however, players should hold a Diamond II ranking at a minimum. Taking place over three days, the top 32 players will advance to the Golden Spatula Cups.

teamfight tactics rising legends open qualifiers
32 players from the Open Qualifiers will qualify for the Golden Spatula Cups. (Picture: Riot Games)

Another opportunity players can earn a spot in the Golden Spatula Cups are through Ladder Points. Players who have accumulated the top Ladder Points from each server region will earn a spot in the Golden Spatula Cup alongside those who qualified from the Open Qualifiers.

Players are to take note that the Ladder Points will be awarded to players in each region following the ladder snapshot. The first of these snapshots will arrive on 16 November 2021 at 9:59:59 pm GMT.

The Golden Spatula Cups will be held in December 2021 with the remaining events taking place in January and March 2022. Furthermore, the prize pool for each Golden Spatula Cup is €6,000.

teamfight tactics rising legends tft superbrawl
A team of two players will earn their place in the Finals via the TFT Superbrawl. (Picture: Riot Games)

The TFT Superbrawl will be another way for players to secure a spot in the TFT Rising Legends Finals. Through local competitions held across the region, this eight-server region tournament will see teams of two players compete to represent their region. The winning team will earn a place in the Finals and a share of the prize pool of €5,000.

TFT Rising Legends Finals

teamfight tactics rising legends finals structure
From the Top 32 players, only four will earn spots for the TFT World Championship. (Picture: Riot Games)

Following the Open Qualifiers and TFT Superbrawl, the competitive season will lead up to the TFT Rising Legends Finals. The qualified players will then battle it out for the euro 20,000 prize pool as well as one of four places in the Set 6 TFT World Championship.

The qualified players will comprise of the following players:

  • Three Golden Spatula Cup winners
  • Top 15 Cup Points earners
  • Top 12 Ladder Points earners
  • The winning TFT Superbrawl team

TFT Rising Legends sign-up and registration

Players who intend on competing in the Open Qualifiers can register their participation on the official Rising Legends tournament website. The Open Qualifiers sign-up will be made available nine days prior to the competition and will close two before the event starts.

According to the website, the Open Qualifiers are intended to take place from 27-29 November 2021 meaning the sign-up will start on 18 November 2021.

teamfight tactics rising legends tournament roadmap
Riot Games have outlined a roadmap for the TFT Rising Legends competitive circuit. (Picture: Riot Games)

The first Golden Spatula Cup is scheduled to take place from 4-6 December 2021 with the next two Golden Spatula Cups scheduled in 2022. Riot Games have yet to announce the exact dates which will likely be announced closer to the time.

The TFT Superbrawl will take place from 5-6 february 2022 with the TFT Rising Legends Finals happening on 26-27 March 2022.

TFT Rising Legends viewers guide

TFT fans can catch all the Rising Legends action, including the final day of each Open Qualifiers and the Golden Spatula Cups on the official Rising Legends tournament website as well as on their official Twitch channel. Additionally, the TFT Superbrawl and the TFT Rising Legends Finals will be broadcasted live on the website and on Twitch.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.