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A guide to Void: Spilling the TFTea

Void makes its return to TFT with a trio of powerful and versatile units. This is all you need to know about Void and how to achieve success with it.
A guide to Void: Spilling the TFTea

Teamfight Tactics' third set, Galaxies, brought new and returning champions with classes and origins that differ from previous sets.

One of these origins is Void. In Galaxies, Void champions are from one of the newest origins, which provide a very simple and impactful trait bonus.

With all three on the field, attacks and spells from Void champions will deal true damage in their original forms, not needing any skins to fit into the space-themed Convergence this time around.

Those who played the original TFT set will recognise this Void bonus as it is identical as when it first appeared in the autobattler.

There are three Void champions currently available in Galaxies:

  • Kha'Zix
  • Cho'Gath
  • Vel'Koz

Below is a full breakdown of all of the trio of Void champions including their costs, classes and stats.



Void / Infiltrator

Cost: 1 Gold

Skin: Default

Ability: Taste their Fear = Kha'Zix slashes the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. If the target has no adjacent teammates, this damage is increased.



Void / Brawler

Cost: 4 Gold

Skin: Default

Ability: Rupture = Cho'Gath ruptures a large area, dealing magic damage and knocking up all enemies within.



Void / Sorcerer

Cost: 4 Gold

Skin: Default

Ability: Lifeform Disintegration Ray = Vel'Koz channels a ray of energy that sweeps across the battlefield over 2.5 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to enemies hit.


(Credit: Riot Games)

Build Guide

Like any four-cost unit, Cho'Gath and Vel'Koz are strong regardless of whether you utilise the Void trait bonus and best synergies. Together, they are able to deal incredible damage across the board due to Rupture and Lifeform Disintegration Ray being able to hit all rows and hexes rather than just a single enemy champion.

True damage ignores any armor or magic resist items and stats making it a great counter to tanky champions or Shen who is able to gain magic resist thanks to his ability. Shields will act as normal and so you will need to make sure your Void champions can outlast and outdamage the likes of Malphite and Protectors.

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