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The Evil Within 3 Teased In A New Hi-Fi Rush Easter Egg

A new entry in The Evil Within franchise may have been teased in a newly discovered easter egg in Hi-Fi Rush.
The Evil Within 3 Teased In A New Hi-Fi Rush Easter Egg

The Shinji Mikami-led studio, Tango Gameworks, may have teased the third entry of its acclaimed survival horror franchise, The Evil Within, in its latest release, Hi-Fi Rush. 

For those unaware, the last game in The Evil Within franchise, The Evil Within 2, was released in 2017. While the studio has since then dropped two games - Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush, it has yet to announce or hint at the possibility of The Evil Within 3. 

Interestingly, things may have changed now, courtesy of a new easter egg discovered in Hi-Fi Rush, as reported by Gamesradar

hi-fi rush
Hi-Fi Rush is full of references to The Evil Within games. (Picture: Tango Gameworks)

Warning: Major Spoilers for Hi-Fi Rush

When Chai and friends are using the elevator to confront Kale, the CEO of the Vandelay Corporation, there's a brief moment where the camera pulls back to show a screen reading, "776 Kale Office." But on the news section at the bottom, it's also written, "Sequel to popular survival horror game franchise announced." You can watch it for yourself here

Hi-Fi Rush is full of references to The Evil Within games, so it's safe to assume that this one is also not so subtly referencing the studio's flagship franchise. 

evil within
There hasn't been a new Evil Within game since 2017. (Picture: Tango Gameworks)

Does this mean The Evil Within 3 is coming? Well, no. In an interview with Famitsu, translated by VGC, Mikami revealed that he doesn't want Tango to be known as a studio that only specializes in making survival horror games. 
With Hi-Fi Rush, the Japanese studio has proved that it can make stellar non-horror games as well.

Since Xbox acquired Bethesda and all of its internal studios in 2021, if The Evil Within 3 were to happen, it would probably be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem and released directly on Game Pass.