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The Witcher 3 In The Eternal Fire's Shadow Quest Guide & Rewards

Here's a complete walkthrough of the new side quest, "In The Eternal Fire's Shadow," in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt next-gen version.
The Witcher 3 In The Eternal Fire's Shadow Quest Guide & Rewards

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best RPGs of the last generation, known primarily for its high-quality story-driven side quests. Developer CD Projekt Red has been keen on adding eve side quests in the game through DLCs, and with the new next-gen update, it has thrown yet another side quest with tantalizing rewards.

The new side quest in the next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is called "In The Eternal Fire's Shadow," and here's how you can complete it.

The Eternal Fire's Shadow Quest Guide 

the eternal fire shadow quest guide
The Eternal Fire's Shadow Quest begins at Devil's Pit in Velen.

To begin, head to the Devil's Pit in Velen. It's southeast of The Hanged Man's Tree. Here, you will find an anxious priest with a mushroom hairstyle. Talk to him to begin the quest. 

priest witcher 3
Talk to the priest at Devil's Pit to start the quest.

The priest will task you with killing the bandits and the monster in the Devil's Pit. After you have cleared out the bandits, head inside the mine.
You can use Kiera's magic lamp to get a glimpse of the tragedy that unfolded in the mine, or you could simply keep going in the direction of the main objective.

Once you're at the end of the cave, you will find a man named Reinald stuck in some stalagmites. Use Geralt's Aard sign to rescue him and watch/skip the cutscene that follows.

If you couldn't guess, Reinald is wearing Geralt's Armor from the Netflix series. However, he's possessed, so you must defeat him if you want that armor for yourself.

How to defeat the possessed Reinald

reinald boss fight witcher 3
Use a combination of Yrden and Aard signs to stop Reinald from regenerating his health.

Reinald fights like a Witcher, using a combination of sword and sign attacks. The best way to deplete his health is to wait for him to attack and then deflect them. Doing so will give you a few seconds to rain down attacks.
Every now and then, Reinald will put up a red bubble shield. Avoid attacking him then as it would stun you and leave you open for multiple hits.
Once his health is halfway down, Reinald will start regenerating his health. To stop him from doing so, cast Yrden and Aard to force the spirit out of his body. This may take a couple of tries, but don't lose hope. Once you have defeated the possessed Reinald, it's time for the second phase of this battle. 

red miadmal boss fight
The Red Miadmal boss fight is pretty straightforward.


The second phase of the battle is with the Red Miadmal. It's a pretty straightforward boss, and there's no particular way to defeat it. Simply use a combination of your light and heavy attacks, dodge, and cast signs, and the Red Miadmal should come down quite easily. In between, it will send out smaller level 14 enemies, but there are pretty easy to kill. However, we do not recommend pursuing this quest unless you're level 14 or higher. 

The Eternal Fire's Shadow Quest Rewards

netflix armor reward
Completing the quest will give you the Forgotten Wolven armor diagram aka Netflix armor.

Once you have taken down the Red Miadmal, sit through the narrative beats to complete the quest and get the diagram for the Forgotten Wolven armor set, aka Geralt's armor from Netflix's The Witcher series. 

Here's everything included in the Forgotten Wolven set: 

  • Forgotten Wolven boots
  • Forgotten Wolven armor
  • Forgotten Wolven gauntlets
  • Forgotten Wolven silver sword
  • Forgotten Wolven steel sword

Completing this quest will also trigger a Scavenger Hunt called Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams that requires you to go back to Kaer Morhen. 

To craft the Forgotten Wolven armor and weapons, go to a Master Armorer and Blacksmith. The former is in Oxenfurt, whereas the latter is in Novigrad or Velen (depending on who you unlock.)

And that's it. That concludes our guide on "In The Eternal Fire's Shadow" quest.