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TopSpin 2K25 Review: Power Serve Revives Franchise

Find out the faults before you commit to a full match with our TopSpin 2K25 review.
TopSpin 2K25 Review: Power Serve Revives Franchise
GINX/2K Sports

More than a decade after the last installment in this franchise, TopSpin 2K25 has brought tennis sim gaming back with a bang. While there were a few potential competitors that popped up in recent years, nothing quite had that full Top Spin feel that players wanted to experience.

Fortunately, the wait is finally over and our TopSpin 2K25 review will break down every ace and fault in this series revival. From the being seated under the John McEnroe learning tree in the TopSpin Academy to a global MyCAREER, tennis is still the heart and soul of TopSpin 2K25.

TopSpin 2K25 Review: Gameplay and Tutorial

TopSpin 2K25 2024-04-27 22-05-50

While the core of a tennis game is going to remain relatively consistent, much of whether it's fun to play comes down to the execution of core gameplay and helping new players understand how each system works. For TopSpin 2K25, you have a variety of shots and serve types to go with but it always boils down to timing and position. You want to get as close to perfect timing as possible, and you wanna avoid putting yourself somewhere on the court that sets you up for a loss.

While that latter aspect will be second nature to tennis fans, it'll still take some practice to get fully settled in with the shot timing system and feel for nailing power or control shots. Fortunately, TopSpin Academy provides just about the best tutorial players could want. Each of the early lessons feature voiceover explanations from John McEnroe himself, and they explain not just how to do things in the game but why and when you'd want to choose specific shot types or place yourself differently on the court.

It's the perfect primer for veteran players to get used to the interface and timing of TopSpin 2K25, but even a tennis novice can get tons of vital information before nestling into the fluid and competetive back and forth on the court. The TopSpin 2K25 controls are easy to learn, challenging to master, and the back and forth battle of each set stays fun throughout the game.

TopSpin 2K25 2024-04-27 22-01-12

TopSpin 2K25 gameplay is the ace of this title, and it remains exciting across difficulties and all the different game modes. The interface is sleek, easy to understand, and responsive. The only area where it feels like TopSpin 2K25 needs a bit more is overall graphics. The visuals in TopSpin 2K25 are not bad, but the graphics quality especially on replays just isn't quite at the level you'd hope to see from next gen consoles.

They've done a decent job adding a variety of clothing items for your MyPLAYER, but unfortunately something like a skirt clipping into the player model's thighs or the carrying strap of your tennis bag clipping through their shoulder takes away slightly from that total package. Nothing's game breaking, but hopefully they can clean up these flaws in post-launch updates.

MyCAREER vs. Online Play

TopSpin 2K25 2024-04-30 15-02-23

Most TopSpin 2K25 players are probably coming for one of two experiences. If you're planning to stay offline and focus on a single player game, most of your time will be spent in MyCAREER. As we outline more in our TopSpin 2K25 MyCAREER guide, this jet-setting journey sees you build up a MyPLAYER from the earliest stages to becoming an international tennis icon.

They've really nailed the MyCAREER balance in TopSpin 2K25 with a blend of monthly tournaments, unique special events (which often unlock attire and new arenas), and trainings to help push your precision in different areas. As you move up in rank, MyCAREER expands with the additions of Homes and the ability to hire staff.

While you can easily spend the entire time offline enjoying MyCAREER, some players will then wanna take their MyPLAYER online to compete in World Tour tournaments. Alternatively, players can dive into unranked Online Exhibition using a Pro or your MyPLAYER.

Lastly, 2K Tour features online ranked matches only using existing Pros on the TopSpin 2K25 roster. There have been some occasional server and connectivity issues since launch, but 2K has stayed on top of it and things already appear to be stabilizing on that front.

The Verdict: Game, Set, and Match

TopSpin 2K25-2024_04_28-06_44_08

While it's not quite a perfect installment, TopSpin 2K25 brings back everything tennis fans will want out of this franchise. If you're here to play tennis, this is the game to get. With a deep career mode, players can spend hours honing their techniques and building an absolute monster on the court. Even the few visual hiccups can be fixed with updates and didn't ultimately take away from the fun of each match.

If you've been yearning for the fun of Top Spin 4 and wishing something would scratch that tennis gaming itch, TopSpin 2K25 is exactly what you need. Settle in for some lessons with John McEnroe, work on your timing, and smash your way all the way to international stardom. The match isn't over for TopSpin, but they've delivered a power serve to bring this franchise back to life and get it on the right track.

TopSpin 2K25 Rating: 8.5 out of 10