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How To Find Mushrooms In Tower Of Fantasy - All Locations

There are a variety of uses for Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy, check out this guide that will help you find all their locations.
How To Find Mushrooms In Tower Of Fantasy - All Locations

The new MMO game Tower of Fantasy has no shortage of side missions for Wanderers to enjoy, one of these missions is to find Mushrooms. There are various uses for Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy and there are two ways you can collect these items.

In this guide, we’ll help you find all Mushroom locations in Tower of Fantasy; including where they can be found and what they’re mostly used for.

Tower of Fantasy - All Mushroom locations 

Tower of Fantasy Mushroom Locations map
All known Mushroom locations in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map/ App Sample)

Mushrooms can be used for various reasons in Tower of Fantasy, either to be traded for a daily bounty, or used as a cooking ingredient. Mushrooms can be found in the starting point of Tower of Fantasy, in the Astra region of Aesperia.

As you progress further into the game majority could be found in the Crown Mine region. In Astra, Mushrooms and Ghost Mushrooms can easily be found in the Football Field area.

There are two ways you can get Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy. The first and easiest would be to wander around the area of Astra and collect wild Mushrooms. The second would be to defeat Shroomen, a large Mushroom creature. Shroomen can be found near cliffs and they are easily defeated.

Tower of Fantasy Mushroom cutting
Defeat a Shroomen to obtain Mushrooms. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Mushrooms are mostly used as a cooking ingredient in Tower of Fantasy, some of the recipes are Fried Mushroom, Mushroom Soup, and Dandelion Mushroom Soup. In one of the side missions from Bae; you will receive a mission to collect a few of them with the reward being the Fried Mushroom recipe. This recipe will regenerate 5 satiety and restore 10% +1.500 HP to the Wanderer.

If you want more Mushroom locations, in our previous article we detailed how to use the Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map and make use of all its resources, we have also provided a link to the site to further guide you. That concludes our Tower of Fantasy Mushroom location guide.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / ZaFrostPet.