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Where To Find Portunids In Tower of Fantasy

Portunids are one of the many cooking ingredients you'll need in Tower of Fantasy. Here are all their locations and what to do with them.
Where To Find Portunids In Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a brand-new MMO game from Hotta Studios that boasts a myriad of activities for players to engage in, ranging from locating treasures to solving many puzzles and quests. The game also has an in-built cooking mechanic, which is key to players' survival.

Some of the recipes in Tower of Fantasy, like Steamed Crab, will require players to locate special creatures called Portunids. These are relatively easy to find in the game. This guide will reveal all the known Portunid locations in Tower of Fantasy and what to do with them once you've found them.

How to get Portunids in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy portunids location guide where to find
Portunids can be found along the coastline of sandy beaches. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample)

Portunids are crab-like creatures that populate the beaches in Tower of Fantasy. These little crustaceans can be easily found in areas like Achnorville and Banges Dock in Aesperia; however, you can find them spawning throughout the map. In the picture above, we have provided you with all Portunids locations in Tower of Fantasy.

While these crustacean-like creatures do not spawn in large numbers, they can be found near sandy beaches and along the coastline - similar to real crabs. Our previous resource guide explains how you can use the Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map to help you find all Portunids locations in Tower of Fantasy.

What to do with Portunids in Tower of Fantasy

what to do with portunids once you have found them in tower of fantasy
All it takes is one attack, and the Portunids are yours for the keeping. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Since Portunids are creatures in Tower of Fantasy, you'll need to slay them before you can use them. However, they are quite easy to get and only take one attack to capture successfully. As previously mentioned, Portunids do not often spawn because a certain monster occasionally drops these little crustaceans. 

Portunids are mostly used as cooking ingredients in Tower of Fantasy; you will also receive a side quest from the mission Taste of the Sea asking you to capture a few of them. These are some of the functions of what to do with these creatures.

That concludes our Tower of Fantasy Portunid location guide.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio