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How To Get Hearts Of Summit In Tower Of Fantasy

Learn how to augment your Grevious weapons using Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy. Here's a guide on how to get it.
How To Get Hearts Of Summit In Tower Of Fantasy

Augmenting weapons using Heart of Summit is one of the many methods to access the best weapons in Tower of Fantasy. Although you can upgrade weapons in various ways, Grevious weapons, such as Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas, are one of the weapons you will need to upgrade using Rockcore.

Heart of Summit is the evolved version of Rockcore and can only be converted once you've gathered enough of its resource material. This guide will explain how to get Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy, including how you can farm the materials required to create it.

Tower Of Fantasy - How To Get Heart Of Summit 

how to get hearts of summit tower of fantasy using rockcore
You must first find Rockcore before you can craft Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTuber / Kyrios Yuudai) 

Obtaining the Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy is not as simple as it may seem because you will first need to collect enough Rockcore, a material used for augmenting Grevious weapons.

Once you've found enough Rockcore, you will fuse them to create the Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy. Then, you can use the Heart of Summit to upgrade Grevious weapons.

Grevious weapons are Physical-type weapons that, when fully charged, can inflict damage equal to 130% and make the target debuff for 7 seconds while taking 20% extra damage. This is important to augment weapons like Chakram of the Seas used by Shiro.

It's worth the effort of gathering Rockcore to turn into Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy, as they allow you to improve high-tier weaponry. To create a Heart of Summit, you will need 4 Rockcores. You can also upgrade Rockcore further into Landsource, but this will require 5 Hearts of Summit.

Rockcore Farming Guide In Tower Of Fantasy

While there are many ways to farm Rockcore, the best methods involve extracting Elemental and Crystal Ores from their respective Nodes. You can find plenty of these materials across Aesperia in Tower of Fantasy. The second method to get Rockcore is by farming it from the enemy mob Behemoths.

tower of fantasy rockcore farming guide all Behemoth locations
Find all Behemoth locations as indicated in the map above in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample)

There are three Behemoth enemies in Tower of Fantasy. The first is Behemoth Surtur, located in the Banges region, near the HT201 Shelter at Mt. Woochu. The second enemy is Behemoth Bergelmir, also found in Banges, located northeast of Banges Farms. And lastly, Behemoth Mimir can be found in Navia east of the Seventh Day Forest; these are just a few Behemoth locations that you can go to.

If you don't care much for farming Rockcores, you can always purchase them directly from the Weapon Store using Black Gold. Notably, you are restricted to purchasing only ten Rockcores at a time, meaning you won't be able to craft as many Heart of Summit as farming the resource.

Note: In each case listed above, finding Rockcore is chance-based, so don't feel bummed out if you don't receive any drops.

That concludes our guide on how to get Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy. We want to thank YouTuber Kyrios Yuudai for their guide, “Support Points Are Important! Tower of Fantasy.” Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content. Also, consider watching the video above if you want a visual walkthrough. 

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