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Tower Of Fantasy 18 Aug Patch Notes - All Bug Fixes And How To Update

The latest Tower of Fantasy 18 August hotfix brings QoL improvements and resolves multiple bugs, including major game crashing problems.
Tower Of Fantasy 18 Aug Patch Notes - All Bug Fixes And How To Update

Tower of Fantasy is Hotta Studios' latest hit MMO game, released globally for PC and mobile on 11 August 2022. The now-super popular Gatcha title sees millions of Wanderers explore the dystopian world of Aida, uncovering its many puzzles and mysteries to unlock new special rewards.

On 18 August 2022, the developers released their newest optional hotfix, bringing several gameplay experience improvements and bug fixes to the game. Importantly, the latest Tower of Fantasy patch update addresses crashing problems and optimizes server recommendation logic.

Tower of Fantasy 18 August  2022 Patch Notes

tower of fantasy crashing problems patch update 18 august 2022
The latest Tower of Fantasy hotfix addresses several major issues, including game crashing problems. (Picture: Hotta Studios)

Here are the complete patch notes for the Tower of Fantasy 18 August 2022 optional update per the official blog post.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Optimized the queuing time display and improved the display time being too long compared to the actual time.
  • Improved the server recommendation logic when queuing; other servers in the same region of the currently selected server will be recommended.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem that a blank pop-up window appears when starting or updating the game.
  • Fixed the crash problem on iOS devices when canceling login.
  • Fixed the issue where the Japanese character name in the server selection interface is displayed as "?".
  • Re-coded and fixed the teleport issue on the world map.
  • Fixed the problem of disappearing water surfaces in some scenes.
  • Fixed the crash problem when operating the Matrices system in the Portuguese version.

How to update Tower of Fantasy

how to install tower of fantasy patch update
The 18 August Tower of Fantasy hotfix is an optional update. (Picture: Hotta Studios)

Players can update Tower of Fantasy via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Mobile users will receive a push notification on their phones; exactly when players will receive the push varies according to the store rules. Once players have received the push notification, they have the option to update Tower of Fantasy.

It is best to perform the update over a Wi-Fi connection (preferably with an unlimited data plan). This follows the condition that the new Tower of Fantasy version will require players to download additional in-game resources after installation.

Players who choose not to download and install the new Tower of Fantasy version can still play using their current game client because the 18 August Tower of Fantasy update is optional. Likewise, there will be no influence on the current client.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.