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How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy

Here's our detailed guide on how to unlock all the vehicles available to you when playing Tower of Fantasy.
How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy

The vehicles in Tower of Fantasy are special types of equipment that serve as mounts in the game and provide an alternate solution to running around and dashing on foot. So if walking around the game is getting tiring, and you're looking for an alternative, then you're in the right place.

In this guide we will be showing you how to unlock vehicles in Tower of Fantasy, to get you off your feet and zipping around the world of Aida. We will also be looking at how you unlock the first vehicle of the game, which is Tower of Fantasy’ signature bike, the Falcon. 

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy

Vehicles are not immediately available in-game. Instead, you must progress almost the entire length of Chapter 1 of the main story to gain access to a new menu that corresponds to them. At a certain point in the story, you will be tasked with visiting Hykros, then you'll have to go through a few steps and watch a few cutscenes. It takes some time, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy First need to unlock the Falcon
After unlocking the Falcon, you gain access the vehicles menu and can unlock more mounts to use. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

After all of your efforts, you will be informed that a good gift awaits you. That is the Falcon, Tower of Fantasy's fancy signature bike. You will also gain access to the primary vehicles menu once you obtain the Falcon. If you can't find it, press V (PC) to navigate to it. 

The bike is described as "An Omnium motorcycle mass-produced by Hykros," according to the bike's description. Low emissions, quiet operation, and extremely cost-effective. The best option for Wanderers, but ride with caution." The last part refers to the fact that if you jump from a high place while riding it, you will still sustain fall damage, so be cautious.

But what about the other vehicles in the game? Well after all the vehicles are available in the primary vehicles menu, you will need to meet certain conditions to unlock them. To help you out, we have listed each vehicle and how to unlock each of them below: 

Chaser - This vehicle is divided into two parts that you will need to collect. The Magnetic Rod and the Maglev Stalker. 

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy Two parts of the chaser
There are two parts to collect to unlock the Chaser. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Omnium Beast VII - This requires an Omnium Beast Cockpit, Omnium Beast Left Arm, and Omnium Beast Right Arm.

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy Omnium beast VII
You need to collect the three parts of the Omnium Beat VII to unlock it. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Voyager - You need to collect a Voyager Engine, Voyager Thruster, Voyager Control Room, and Voyager Hull.

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy Voyager
The Voyager requires a few parts to collect to unlock it. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Monocross - You will require a Unicorn Power Core, Unicorn Bionic Frame, Unicorn Cyberlimbs, and Unicorn Head.

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy Monocross
The Monocross requires the collection of its parts to unlock it as well. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Dust Wheeler - You will simply need to obtain a Dust Wheeler. 

How To Unlock Vehicles in Tower Of Fantasy Dust Wheeler
The Dust Wheeler is unlocked by obtaining one in the game. (Picture: YouTube / Zakum)

So far, those are all the Tower of Fantasy vehicles in the game; hopefully, you will find them useful. The Falcon is a fan favorite for obvious reasons, but we urge you to try out all of the vehicles as they each have their advantages and cool factors that make them worth the effort to acquire. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.