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When Will Tower Of Fantasy Release On Steam, Epic Games Store?

As one of the latest hyped open-world MMOs to grace mobile gamers, find out how when Tower of Fantasy debuts on PC below.
When Will Tower Of Fantasy Release On Steam, Epic Games Store?

With only over a day before Tower of Fantasy’s global release debuts as of writing, avid fans wishing to dive into the game’s action can expect loads of fun and enjoyable content. Tower of Fantasy is the latest open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) game to grace gamers worldwide. Similar to that of Genshin Impact, the game features impeccable graphics, visuals, and storylines to immerse you into the world of Tower of Fantasy.

On 11th August 2022, Tower of Fantasy will officially debut worldwide on iOS’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Although available on mobile and tablets, the game’s also set to release on PC via Epic Games and Steam; However, dates are to be revealed. Find out when will Tower of Fantasy launch on PC below.

When Will Tower of Fantasy Globally Launch On PC?

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMO game.
Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMO game. (Picture: Hotta Studios / Perfect World)

As the latest hyped free-to-play open-world MMO, Tower of Fantasy has caught the attention of many. Knowing the massive following the game's genre has, considering the gigantic monoliths of games paving the way for it like Genshin Impact and World of Warcraft, Tower of Fantasy has a lot to live up to on mobile and PC.

After teasing and showcasing characters, storylines, mechanics, and general design factors within Tower of Fantasy, it seems mobile gamers might be getting one of the best games to set foot in 2022. But what does that leave for PC gamers? 

Tower of Fantasy is officially set to release on 11th August 2022, but that’s only for mobile platforms. An available version will be announced for fans looking to play the game on PC.

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Tower of Fantasy will globally release on mobile on 11th August 2022, but later on PC. (Picture: Hotta Studios / Perfect World)

Tower of Fantasy developers, Hotta Studios and Perfect World haven't revealed the exact date players can expect the game to reach Epic Games or Steam.

But fans can expect anywhere within the week of the mobile counterpart’s release, a few weeks or so, or possibly months. Fans will need to tune into Tower of Fantasy's Twitter account for more upcoming information.

Those looking to be alerted upon Tower of Fantasy’s PC release can put the game on their wishlist on Steam and Epic Games. Fans will receive an email or notification once it's officially debuted on the PC platforms.

For more on the game, check our section dedicated to Tower of Fantasy news, guides, and features.


Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio / Perfect World.