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When Does The Next Episode Of Chainsaw Man Release?

Find out exactly when the next episode of Chainsaw Man anime will debut on Crunchyroll and how to watch it.
When Does The Next Episode Of Chainsaw Man Release?

Chainsaw Man (or Chensōman) is a popular manga by Fujimoto Tatsuki and has recently been adapted into a shounen anime. Produced by acclaimed studio MAPPA, the first season of Chainsaw Man featured 12 episodes, debuting from 11 October through December 2022. Since its premiere, the show has attracted overwhelmingly positive reviews. But when will Chainsaw Man Season 2 come out?

The show follows Denji (Chainsaw Man) and Makima, along with the rest of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, as they face and exterminate various Devils plaguing the city. Chainsaw Man is filled to the brim with violence, action, and (above all) gore, so it's no surprise anime enthusiasts are eager to know when the next episode will air.

Update on 9 March: We added a section for Chainsaw Man Season 2 and will keep you updated regarded the latest news about the show.

When Is The Next Chainsaw Man Episode Coming Out?

chainsaw man episode 3 release date and time
Chainsaw Man will air weekly on Crunchyroll. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

The final episode of Chainsaw Man Season 1 premiered on Crunchyroll Tuesday, 27 December 2022, at 9:00 a.m. PT | 12:00 p.m. ET. That said, we don't yet know when Chainsaw Man Season 2 will come out. When it does, it's worth noting that you probably can't binge the entire series in one sitting. Instead, you'll have to wait for a new episode of the Chainsaw Man anime to release each week.

Chainsaw Man Episode List

Season 2

Unfortunately, MAPPA Studio has not confirmed the list of episodes featured in Chainsaw Man Season 2. However, many fans suspect that Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2023.

Season 1

Below is the full list of all 12 episodes of Chainsaw Man Season 1 and their release dates.

Episode Release Date Status
Episode 1 - "Dog and Chainsaw" 11 October 2022 Aired
Episode 2 - "Arrival in Tokyo" 18 October 2022 Aired
Episode 3 - "Meowy's Whereabouts" 25 October 2022 Aired
Episode 4 - "Rescue" 1 November 2022 Aired
Episode 5 - "Gun Devil" 8 November 2022 Aired
Episode 6 - "Kill Denji"" 15 November 2022 Aired
Episode 7 - "The Taste of a Kiss" 22 November 2022 Aired
Episode 8 - "Gunfire" 29 November 2022 Aired
Episode 9 - "From Kyoto" 6 December 2022 Aired
Episode 10 - "Bruised & Battered" 13 December 2022 Aired
Episode 11 - "Mission Start" 20 December 2022 Aired
Episode 12 - "Katana vs. Chainsaw" 27 December 2022 Aired

How to watch Chainsaw Man anime

Chainsaw Man is available on various streaming platforms, including Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and more. However, distribution will depend on where you are located.

For example, if you're watching from the United States, Australia & Oceania, the Middle East & Europe, you'll likely only be able to watch Chainsaw Man through Crunchyroll. However, if you're watching from Japan, you can watch on various local Tokyo-affiliated TV stations and one of the many supported online platforms listed here.