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How to fix Disney+ Error Code 11 Restricted Content

Error Code 11 is one of the most common issues many subscribers experience. Learn how to fix the issue on all supported devices for Disney+.
How to fix Disney+ Error Code 11 Restricted Content

Disney+ has recently been extended to new regions, including South Africa and several Middle Eastern countries. However, the streaming service has seen many technical issues that can hamper subscribers from the magical experience when streaming.

One of these technical issues is the dreaded Error Code 11, a long-standing issue since its launch in November 2019. This support guide explains what the error code means and provides workaround solutions to jump back into your streaming session.

What is the Disney+ Error Code 11?

Disney+ subscribers receiving the error code 11 are relatively widespread as many subscribers aren’t sure why they’re getting it or how to resolve it. The in-app message relating to this error code reads, “We’re sorry, this video is unavailable in your region. If you think you see this message in error, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 11).”

disney plus support guide what is error code 11 in-app prompt
Error Code 11 is an availability error alerting subscribers to content unavailable in their region. (Picture: Disney+)

This error code states that you’re viewing content outside of your region or the content you’re looking for isn’t available yet. Error code 11 boils down to a rights/access or availability problem affecting films and series that would generally be accessible on the streaming platform.

Depending on the region you’re located in, various content is available in the United States that wouldn’t be accessed by a subscriber living in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Turkey, or Australia. According to the Disney+ Helpdesk support page, content on the platform does differ from country to country and by region.

“While the majority of our content will be available everywhere, there may be slight differences based on your region or where you’re streaming Disney+. Content availability depends on rights that may make certain titles unavailable for streaming in select markets.”

How to fix the Disney+ Error Code 11?

disney plus support guide how to fix error code 11 workaround solutions
You can try a few workaround solutions to resolve the Error Code 11 issue. (Picture: Disney+)

There is no apparent fix to resolve this error code; however, there are a few workaround solutions to prevent this from occurring. One of the first solutions you can try is to check your Internet connection, which may not be the most straightforward solution, but streaming requires a stable connection to access the content.

Another workaround solution is to sign out and back into the app, whether on mobile devices, laptops/desktops, or Android TVs. Some subscribers have reported that this solution had worked, which may not work for others, but it could resolve any problems you may be experiencing.

Thirdly, you can always uninstall and reinstall the app to your preferred device. Ultimately, doing this will reset the current or available version of the app, and additionally, you can check for any updates available before proceeding with the update.

disney plus support guide how to fix error code 11 laptop pc app mircosoft store
You can uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ app, which will reset its current app version. (Picture: Disney+)

You might also encounter this error when traveling, as Disney+ might not be available in the region. If Disney+ isn’t available, you could try using a VPN and setting it to a location where Disney+ is available.

Remember to check your VPN to ensure that the streaming service is supported. This can help you access Disney+ when traveling if it’s not available or banned in a particular country.

There are plenty of errors you may incur during your streaming journey on Disney+. If R2D2 or Grogu hasn’t interfered with access to content on the platform, submit a ticket with the Disney+ Helpdesk or send them a DM on Twitter to promptly receive assistance with your issues.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney Plus.