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Falcon and the Winter Soldier star says Baron Zemo shouldn’t be trusted

Actor Daniel Brühl understands the villain’s motives, but doesn’t agree with his method
Falcon and the Winter Soldier star says Baron Zemo shouldn’t be trusted

We’re just three episodes into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s run on Disney+, but the biggest surprise thus far has been Zemo’s role in the storyline. The Baron – who was a villain in Captain America: Civil War – is now helping heroes Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. But actor Daniel Brühl advises against trusting his character.


Zemo was captured by the authorities at the end of Civil War, but Episode 3 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier saw our heroes breaking the Baron out of high security and teaming up with him to bring down terrorist organization the Flag Smashers. But while Zemo is aiding and abetting Sam and Bucky, Brühl recommends keeping an eye on him.

When asked if he himself would trust the character, Brühl told The Hollywood Reporter “No, never. And that’s the good thing. If it’s hard to read and tell what somebody is up to, that ambiguity – which people always enjoy and I do enjoy – is always fun. So yeah, you shouldn’t really trust him.

“But I guess it has become apparent that he is not an evil supervillain; there’s more to him, which we already know from the other movie. But in that conversation between the three of them, we have intensified the very human side of Zemo. I disagree with his radical methods, but it’s understandable based on where he comes from. So I understand if people empathize with Zemo, and I would understand if everybody joins Team Zemo by the end of the show.”

Falcon and the Winter Soldier also delves into the character’s globe-trotting past, hinting at his vast wealth and network of connections.

“We saw a very serious, determined, driven and grounded man in Civil War, but we didn’t see the iconic Zemo from the comic books” Brühl told THR. “We also didn’t get to know about his aristocratic background and all these things that I had always envisioned when thinking of this character. So the fact that they kept the interesting background of Zemo in Civil War, but added all these layers, made it very compelling.”

From dancing in a nightclub to messing with Sam and Bucky, Brühl is also having fun playing the lighter side of Helmut Zemo: “It gave me the opportunity to explore something else with the character, and there wasn’t the danger of doing the same thing all over again and repeating myself. The sense of humor that was added to the character in particular, attracted me and pleased me.”

The full interview can be read at The Hollywood Reporter, while you can see just how trustworthy Zemo ends up being when new episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drop on Disney+ every Friday.


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